Cant play anymore,EU infested by bot

I dont think i will play anymore,bot are like an infestation,they are destroying the market and amazon still dont do anything about them. Crystal goes up everyday,guardian and destruction the same,how do expect amazon as freetoplayer to play like this? It’s really a shame to see a big company doing like that. People can use RMT and DO NOT GET PERMABANNED? wtf? Sorry to say that but after new world you ruined again a big game like this. Player goes up everyday?LA succesful game? yeah sure 70% player base are bot,20% RMT user,10% people like me who are struggling. Have fun,minecraft is more fun than this.


Not only is this untrue, it’s very disingenuious.

They’ve been working on the bot issue.

They will continue to work on the bot issue.

There will always be botters.

This is normal even without botters.

By… playing the game???

I do actually agree with you here; they need to be permabanned.

Bye Felicia.


Completely agree with you on this. The botting cooperation have years upon years of experience to combat anti-cheat systems and mmo games. Its an uphill battle.

Also as I’ve said before, this is a player base issue. Because you know… WE"RE PAYING THEM TO EXIST.

Though I have to wonder, according to supply and demand, wouldn’t botters be…reducing the price in the AH and making it for F2P friendly???

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no it didn’t go down because I m following that. The b lue crystal are rising , it was 715 gold this month because rmt player bought it in huge amount of them so price go up not down last month it was at 600 gold before it was less in the beginning it was around 300 gold . Some engravings like grudge are 22k in some servers … Wtf ?

I reports bots every day and they are still there doing there business as usual so the reporting systems is sh. t . I m reporting to this forum the same with pics So why not to start to ban them from big capitals manually. it’s not that hard…

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Its simple, to share holders, the game looks better with 600k + players than 200k


if I was steam I will do something about it because it’s not fair. I have a question what it does the anti cheat when u launch the game . So the anti cheat cannot remove the bots ? but lollll. I laugh on that. What is the real raison to implement that program at the begining if he cannot remove the bots . what is for? it’s a business at everybody is in AGS, smilegate and the boting system company. I don’t believe devs cannot remove it. They can do it in banning transaction player to player for now to resolve it but no :slight_smile:

just use a bot yourself? i mean if AGS dont care, go for it

no it’s cheating. quit the game is better than cheating. the day everybody is doing that . the game is dead because the economy in game is dead. the price will skyrocket and u will complain about prices of the items you need

This is just again some drama ****.
Why are you struggling? Why do you feel that you are struggling? You struggling only in your head. You should quit this game. This is not some “1 week and I’m doing the endgame content” MMORPG.
Literally everybody who post some **** like this are still playing.
And we dont care your pain. Quit the game. Dont come back, but dont make a post, because there is not a single person here who cares your misery.

who the hell are you to decide for me if I have to play or not the game?
here we go the spam bot lolll sorry you are off topic . Take the time to read it

Bots make prices for mats decrease not increase xD

I m curious. Enlight me how bots can decrease the price in a game? So you are saying bots and rmts players are good for the game?do you know when bots start to manipulate the market it’s not good at all. So you need more bots and less players , right?

To be fair, crystal has been going up in KR as well since the beginning.

Don’t think that has to do with bots?

why he has nothing to do with bots?
bots earn gold like you. 1 k per day. so 1 2 3 4 millions bots . how much?
gold to blue crystals. gold to players. gold to mary shop… sell to the action house - all players buy things in Ah right? one t1 to 500k. it’s look like I m telling you something no?

Bots sell mats for gold to sell to rmters = prices going down. Prices are going up because people are having their first relic pieces. Books going up because people now need them. Neither have I said that bots are good nor anything similar. You should stop making pointless assumptions based on something people have never said that makes you look mentally confused.

you are cute and funny. So rmt players transfert 2 million gold in their account and buy everything they can affort and they up the price in ah. you get it or not ?

I belive they are doing the best they can to remove the bot issue, i belive they are banning thousands of bots every week. This beeing a F2P game makes it really easy to just start a new account and go again.

Aslong as people are willing to buy gold from 3rd party gold sellers they will always exist, but if people stopped buying from them, they would go away.

I didn’t see progress in trixion server. they are still there and AGS saw my post so ? what is going on ?. I put back here in case they don’t see it @Roxx

That alone made the thread an entire meme, disregarding the nonsense above lol. Rly insane what some people think is a genuinely good post to make on a forum…

They do that but if there were not bots at all it would still be the same with mat prices. Without bots the price of mats would be even higher because whales will be there anyways and real players could by far not provide enough to keep prices stable