Cant play PvP due to queue times

I have regularly tried to get matches in PvP but the queue times are too long. During peak times I wait for 30 mins+ during peak hours and give up because PvP is more queueing than playing. Proving grounds might as well not exist currently. I am on EUW which is unfortunately a less popular server but I see this issue from people everywhere.
I just want to know if this will be addressed at all. Are there any plans to fix PvP or add more incentive to play it? It feels like nothing is being done at all and PvP will may as well be removed soon

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queue times in other regions are less than a minute
but you are right about pvp, they do anything to improve it and its a shame
need better rewards

Just got a game after 40 minutes just to see matchmaking failed :slight_smile: Love you amazon

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