Can't see guild messages

hi since the update i can’t see guild messages in the chat even when i type them any help would be nice

Hello @rawnom !

We are happy to have you here, thought am sorry that with the recent update you are facing this issue with the guild messages, just to rule out any main issues let’s please try running a Steam Integrity Check

Also, please check the cases been reported on this link: Chat Window not showing guild chat and not working properly and let me know if the issue might be related, if it is, take into account it has already been escalated, so hopefully we get an answer soon :slight_smile:

If the issue is not related and it persists please reach with us via Customer Service (Web Ticket) so we can take a further look on this, here is the link:

You might want to have the DxDiag report files in handy in case you can add them

Please feel free to include the link of this post when you reach with Support.

Hope this information helps. See you in the lands of Arkesia :woman_mage:t2:

it does seem to be the same as issue in that thread glad its been raised thanks for the response

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