Can't Seem To Find any Players for Events/Raids

Hey! First of all about me, I just recently started playing Lost Ark with a friend. Because hes never online i created another Character to waste some time on. Sadly its really hard to do Guardian Raids, Abyssal Dungeons and World Events like Legion Raids. And the reason? No players anywhere. Most of the time when i want to do a Abyssal Dungeon or Guardian Raid i wait up to 40 min. and its just super boring. I dont see Content which is fun to play, like i said i cant do any events. Just recently i wanted to do Ghost ships because i never knew them so i sail there and wait till it opens and what happens? 1 Player… how are 2 people suposed to deafeat a Ghost ship boss when they are both barely lvl 1100 on a 960 lvl ship. For info im playing Euw on the Rethramis Server. I do see other players but they are atleast lvl 1400 and dont want to do anything with me. I tried to look for a guild but the ones i found dont seem that active and are only doing high lvl Raids where i cant particepate. I looked through some Disccussions before i wrote this it seems like other regions dont have this problem with lack of players so im wondering if i should just switch regions and start new but tbh im not hyped to waste 200h just so i can hope i can finally play with people. In the end i think something should be done about the lack of players in Euw (dont know how tho). Because for me the lack of players is way worse then all the bots i see , sadly i see more bots then real players…
Anyway hope i can get some help/Info about the lack of players
And sry for my bad english.

Hey, its just simpel cuz thing like Ghost Ship is Weekly only 1 Time. Most people have already a Char for the 1415 Ghost Ship. So they prefer this and dont do older ones.

Its like in over MMOs too people rushing for New Content so Old Content gona be like a Ghost Town.

what is your region? oh ok EUW - yeah mate, region is dead and the old content or horizontal content will definitely be dead by now. Most people already have done those things in general

I have already 2.5k hours in lost ark so its impossible for me to restart again in EUC, so thats why i am biting the bullet and waiting for a region merge. But for you - what i tell all the new players to do- is to restart again and lose 2 weeks of progress instead of losing 6 months of progress and be in the same situation of miserable waits that EUW is having right now which wont get any better until Regional Merge happens.

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Just come and create another char on EUC and you will enjoy content and lots of player to play with.

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