Can't switch express mission to other character after switching it once

I selected a 1302 character for the express mission and then switched it over to a 1370 to see if it unlocked the rewards and i wanted to switch it back to the 1302 but now it says I’m locked out of switching…

Hello adventurer @jrry.l3, hope you’re doing great in your journey.

I’m really sorry to hear that you’re having troubles switching back your character.

You can only switch a character once, that’s the reason you’re locked out.

Hope this information answer your question, have a great day and take care! :dagger: :man_mage:

I see, I didn’t see anything in the UI or the patch notes that said there were restrictions for the number of times to switch, only that it was restricted to 1302-1415. Is there anyway I can switch it back one more time?

May i ask - What if you have only main, how to designate a character ? For not everyone is using alts.
And what about those that have full slots , or even those that have full 24 char slots - are they supposed to delete a character to make use of express event ?

When first express mission came out, you could use it on a main - i assume its a bug that you cannot do so now, right ?

No one has full 24 characters before the update.
As for full character slots (6 to 18 slots) they would need to purchase a slot if no characters of their fits the requirements. That’s what I did.

yes you like to pay when people force you, that is fine.

Okay, next time there is express and there wont be 6 character slots, what then ? Should people delete their characters ? hmhm ?

I don’t feel forced. I paid because I could. A mere character slot ticket isn’t a problem for me. Plus I enjoy the class I’m going to create.

you didnt responded to what i said at all.

Next time you have 24 slots and u want new cool class, what then huh ?

Just so you know, we had 18 classes before this release. With scouter that’s 19. That’s why they added another page of 6 slots, so people can have characters of each class if they’d like. I don’t think I will ever get to that point (24 characters in roster before a new class release) so thank you for your concern but it doesn’t apply to me. You sounds mad btw. Why?

why do you talk about what applies to other players and then you are like " oh its only about what applies to me " - interesting

Because you asked me.

Just let stop right here. I don’t have time for this. The one being “interesting” is you. I merely answered your question in my first reply and you pointed your anger towards me. Not cool.