Can't upgrade to ark pass premium when hitting max level?


I was holding off on upgrading my ark pass until I got to the end of it (I was waffling about spending the money), hit the final level and then was going to upgrade to get the mats and pet from the premium tier…but now “the sales period has ended”?

Uhh…guess I’m not upgrading then, or can anything be done?


Hello @shapelike, welcome to the forums!

Yes, as you suspect the sales period has ended and there is nothing to be done :frowning: I’m sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Hey, can you forward this to higher tiers? There are many players like him (me included), who missed this, because we thought it will be purchaceable till the end of the pass.

We miss out so many honing mats because we didnt read right :frowning:

What is the worst AGS/SGRP will make out of this? Money?

but didn’t it like show a sales period? telling you until when you can buy it? how is it ags/sg’s fault if you didn’t notice that?

Try reading my sentences again. I said WE missed it. That implies, that it is our fault. No one did blame AGS. We are just asking for it kindly. It is common sense that you expect it to be purchaseable until the last day. That AGS is handlling this otherwise is the part we missed.

At this point, it is like AGS does not want more money. It does not make sense to me.

it’s not common sense to be purchasable until the last day if the pass shows a sale period, what i was trying to say is OP was asking if something can be changed because they didn’t bother to check until when they can buy it, that’s where the " How is it ags/sg’s fault " part came from.

You can not ask this question without no one blaming ags at all. You are making this up buddy.

Its like you go into a shopping centre and ask for a refund because you bought the wrong item. How would you feel when they answer: how is it our fault?

how is it the store’s fault if you didn’t bother to check what you were buying? are they supposed to read your mind when you come in so that they make sure you make no mistakes? no . OP said they missed the sale period because they didn’t check the date, and they are now asking for the pass to be changed so that they can buy it , if OP was not paying attention and missed it then tough luck buddy


You are not familiar with the term “Asking for a good will” do you?

We did a mistake but nothing is impossible. It is not that evil if we ask if a good will is possible right?

I get that you feel good about it that you did read right and now others are behind you, because you are smarter then us. But Jeez, be kind.

asking for free stuff because you didn’t bother to check is being kind? naah

I give up. You are not a person i want to talk to anymore. The stubborn unfriendly replies are making me mad (probably the goal of your behavior). Have a good day.

Edit: Since when is asking for the possibility to spend real money is now asking for free stuff? (i dont want an answer because i know it, just a rethorical question). How far we came with p2w defenders these days.

I will gladly send the information to the right team I also recommend making a post here:

That’s going to be the best place to raise concerns to our devs and get more visibility!


A sales period was shown for when you are unable to purchase this since day 1 of the ark pass being released. If you missed purchasing this it is your own fault not SG / AGS fault. nothing can be done to change this.

I think i am in a never ending bad dream. My dude, no one blames AGS? Serious question. Who gets hurt if they extend the period to buy it? What are the downside for AGS or the players if it gets extended.

I will lean back now and hope for resonable arguments.

“Nothing can be done to change this” Yes, they can extend the buy period? Dont act like its impossible lmao.

They aren’t extending it, The sale period is over. You didn’t read it properly and you lost out. stop crying on the forums.

What are your fears? That others can catch up to you? Sad community.

Imagine if they will listen to the feedback and change it. This will push you beyond your imagination right?

You act like some collector who does not want that others get the same so they keep being special. MINDBLOWING