Can't upgrade with honor shards

anyone else not being able to hone after the update?
i dont seem to be able to upgrade my Harsh oath shoulders just says “This item cannot increase honing XP”

Zinnervale server


i am getting the same error. i have one item i need to roll to get to valtan and now the vender wont let me upgrade it. server una

I’m getting a similar error where I can’t hone, when I press check results I get the honing animation but no mats or gold is used and it fails. I also get a message that’s a long the lines of welcome boost is not applied when I press check results.

Procyon server


when i’m trying to upgrade me gloves from 15 > 16 but i can upgrade other item from 17 > 18

Also have this. Very specifically on my +15 helm. Nothing else.

For detail this happens when adding honor shards to upgrade. I can’t add them in any amount but only to that item, every other item is fine.

The bigges problem is if you upgrade the 15+ items it doesnt increase your artisian energy if you fail and eat your mats i lost half of my leapstones… Just wow

Yea on my glaivier it’s shoulder piece, kharmaine server here.

Same here on EUW-Punika. Glavier Gloves from Argos cannot be upgraded past +15.

EUW-Moonkeep here, Glaivier Shoulders cant be upgraded past +15, get an error saying missing welcome bonus or something similar

Similar issue. I lost my percentage honing bonus (back at 10% now) and lost my accumulated artisan bonus. this is for shoulder piece. also get the ‘welcome’ message after trying to hone. Ladon server

Same here, lvl 15 item can`t increase XP!

I have the same Issue please fix this asap

Same cant hone my Chest + Legs. Sadge

Same, cant upgrade anything

Same issue, uprgrading is not working for me at all

Same issue on Glaivier Argos gloves can’t hone at +15.

Same issue, Glaivier shoulders cannot upgrade

Did you guys all use pass express on your chars ? I’m having the same issue on my glaivier.

Same, my weapon is on infinite cicle i honed it like 1000 times with no mats waste but never succeed, and cannot hone my chestpiece above +15

Thanks for letting us know! This bug has been reported and escalated to the team