Can't upgrade with honor shards

Yup, I was befuddled for a while until a guildy told me that it is an issue with multiple people

Same problem in EUC Kadan.

Mine as well I’m getting this error

Same problem, and thanks for letting the team know about it, can you update us later about it?, i wanna hon with all the materials u guys gave us this time :smile:

Same problem here, pls fix this



same issue, it seems that all chars that has express mission on them have this bug, for me mats and gold were wasted, some pieces are fine to upgrade up to +15, pieces that are +15 with honing exp already @ max can get honed but honing will fail and no mats would be used with a weird msg, pieces that are +16 or above do consume mats and gold upon honing but you gain no artisian energy, not sure if it can be successfully upgraded though, in my case it failed multiple times without getting any artisian energy, this bug should be hotfixed asap, kinda starting to lose faith in this game, because nobody will be compensated in anyway shape or form.

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Also receiving the same error. Was able to hone from +13 to +15. Unable to put in honor shards afterwards.

I’m also experiencing this error. Can’t add honing xp to my +15 helm. This is a pretty serious bug preventing people from progressing. Honing was working fine before the patch as i have a couple +17 pieces

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Having the same issue. Wanted to upgrade and do New content and now I am just sitting waiting for fix. Worst part is can’t even change this pass to another character since they are all over 1100…


Still having this issue, this is a huge problem to be having unable to go past +15 on gear.

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+16 And +17 are not working. +18 is working

still not working.

Lost gold from Oreha hard, check
Lose ability to hone, check
Can’t clear Valtan because no supports, check.
time to swipe? I’ll pass this time.

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It’s really bad, waited this patch hyped. Ended up waiting since I can’t do stuff because honing is not working

Same here, still cant honing my gear above 15

Any Information?

same here with my weapon. waiting for hotfix.

Same here with weapon and gloves, waiting for hotfix Nernia server