Can't upgrade with honor shards

We want compensation! I cannot upgrade gear for Valtan!

I had to skip all 4 of my guild’s valtan groups because I cannot hone …

Same here. Can’t hone gear with 15 lvl. Have to skip valtan with my guildies sadly

having the excact same problem…

fix when ? @Roxx

This is BAD guys … i mean:

  • Progression breaking
  • Game breaking
  • Balls breaking
    As if honing alone wasn’t enuff stressfull …

I’ve been told by guildies that this bug affects express pass characters ?
Mine is indeed an express pass char

Can you guys confirm ?

Yes, can’t hone or shard on +16 and +17. Lower than that is fine, +18 is also fine and up

Its increible that this problem is not fix yet.

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Also blocked by honing bug. Unable to transfer express pass.

Has the honing issue been fixed yet ?