Can't use first powerpass

So, I’ve just finished the Vern story arc, recieved the mail with the powerpass, got it and used it (right click). Then I went to the character creation, made the Gunslinger I’ve been wanting to play, clicked the Powerpass (it says it’s eligible) but clicking the yellow button opens the new tab and it says “NO images” in all fields.

Can somebody help me?


All power passes are currently disabled.


Thanks for the super fast response, that is awesome!

I wasn’t aware of the problem, and I’ll wait for it’s solution (hope it’s as fast as your response)!


Well, it’s been 10 days now soooooooooooo

Hi @mathias.mendonca

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As @Bluecogs said and shared at the moment the team is working to fix the issue with the powerpasses and when we have any update we are gonna let you know about it in that same post.

Hope this information help you! :wolf: