Can't Use Market

Hi, I am a new player after spending money on the game, it asks me to wait 3 days for the auction to be available. After the third day, I am excited to make some purchases, and it shows "TO PREVENT ABUSE. the ability to use the auction house is disabled until your account has trust status. This really slows down my game experience, which I’m trying to catch up on.

I’ve got the same issue on my account. I’ve been playing for 6 days now 70 hours and still having the issue. I’m quite dissapointed in the handling of this stuff from amazon

I just got the problem fixed, all you have to do is deposit 5 dollars USD to your steam wallet. And wait about 4-5 hours.

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Hello @CCGR and @elena2002_12, Welcome to the forums!

I am sorry to hear that you’re having issues with the market, this was an update to prevent abuse of the market, you can find all the related information on this post:

Hope you have a great rest of your day!

I already know all this, but it doesn’t help that the system is flawed. You can’t play for 2 weeks with all requirements met and yet still not have the market, it is an essential part of the game and sadly if not fixed more and more players will quit :slight_smile: thank you for nothing

Done still doesn’t work for me sadly :slight_smile: I’ve spent 50$ on steam in the past month doesn’t seem to fix it