Can't use Punika Power Pass?

I am a little confused.

From all of the 3 (or maybe 2, depending how you interpret the text shown in the screenshot below) power passes available for clearing content the regular way (twice for clearing north vern and one for clearing punika), I am pretty sure I’ve used only 1 power pass so far, for my Paladin.

My Artillerist I’ve manually taken all the way from 10 to 50.

And just recently, the game gave out the free Punika Power Pass in an event, yet when I select my low-lvl character (it says Powerpass Elligible for her), I am presented with a screen showing I have 0 power passes left, lol.

Can someone explain to me what am I doing wrong or perhaps check on the database’s side how many power passes I have left? Because even in the worst-case scenario where I have used up all of the power passes (which again, I think is unlikely), I should AT LEAST have the latest punika power pass available (yes I have already claimed it from the mailbox and have right-clicked it while it was in the inventory, meaning it should be available on the powerpass screen but it isn’t), because I simply haven’t used that one for 200% certainty.

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They are currently disabled

Oh? Could you point me to an announcement stating so pretty please?


Hey @Azure!

As @Fayaine mentioned (and thanks a lot for spreading the announcement btw :hugs:) the team is investigating an issue regarding powerpasses, and they’ll let us know once that’s taken care of.

Stay safe both and let me know if you need help with anything. :smiley:

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Have the same problem, hoping its not gone for good :frowning:

Is it only the Punika ones that dont work… have vern ones … but dont want to lose those as well ?

Thank you fren!

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Any update on this one?

I thought i was just an idiot not beeing able to use it

So i just used the punkia-powerpass-ticket (yes apparently this function is still enabled). now its gone. no powerpass is available in the characteroverview. will i get a new ticket when their problem is done or will the pass enable itself or is it just gone for good?

Exactly the same thing happened to me, have really got back an answer yet.
There is a new EVENT NOTICE message on the server page about Event Trixion Pass Expiration Date No Limit, Punika Pass, but i still dont have the Punika Powerpass ticket
back or as an option to select.
Also says Check the event coupons and available time… but no idea what they are refering to :frowning:

The same thing happened to me. You wrote the problem perfectly. So at least 4 days the support knows the problem, I hope they will solve it soon. Or we should make a ticket?

Same issue, used my punika pass, every day i log in it’s still not available, i created new characters that sayt powerpass eligible but I have none to use. Any idea on when they will be fixed, and I hope their time doesn’t expire in this process…

I right clicked punika pass… Reading the above, hope we don’t completely loose the pass!?

you won’t once they resolve the issues they have with them, you will be able to use them once again( if you didn’t use it before they got disabled )

If it helps ease your mind a bit.

you following me ? XD i find you in almost all the threads I visit @pyroaddict04

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Nah lol, just surfing the latest threads before bed. I lurk a lot. Plus, it seems Roxx pulled the short straw and got the night alone. May as well help some new people out.

Back behind the dumpster I go.