Can't use Punika Power Pass?

Just came back today and thought I was being super dumb because I couldn’t get either of my two powerpasses to show up.

Is there any ETA on when their will be fixed?

Probably next big update , they are silent as fuck about it so we have to wait atleast a month for a fix

Terrible communication, still not fixed, very disappointed. All those days we could have been doing chaos dungeons and upgrading our new characters wasted. This is why I might quit or at least won’t be putting money in. Clearly the issue isn’t being taken seriously.


Well, nothing new here.
For some reasons I had hopes they would improve with time, both on the communication front and the actual game management/decisions/Etc.

Oh boy I was so wrong, it’s just worse and worse, and at this point I don’t expect anything to change for the better, unless they replace the whole management team and the upper-ups decide to opt for a total different management style/direction.

I only had second hand feedback from new world (luckily I was told what it was before I commited), and decided to give Lost Ark a try (you know, actually the devs being another team and the game itself being good in other regions), but after this, I don’t think I’ll be touching an AGS game ever again.


Hi, do you happen to have any news on this? It’s been almost two weeks now and it’s really a huge showstopper. I do understand you can’t do much, but maybe we could atleast get an updated ETA, as we were supposed to get an update by the end of last week? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there @Recai!

Sadly we haven’t received any updates yet.

Any news regarding this will be here: Powerpasses Temporarily Disabled

I understand how you folks feel as this is a crucial feature of the game, thanks for the patience while the team solve this.


The dude doesn’t even send us a unique message just repeats the same one twice lmao

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Don’t worry we will get 5 days aura for the weeks of mats and gold lost :smiley:

Doesn’t make up for lost time and poor communication. Not to mention the resources we get from the events won’t be gained on new accounts. For someone who was going to try out a new class as a main and invest those resources into it, this is particularly frustrating. Further, some people had time to play now and might not have as much time when the issue is resolved. To be honest, the lack of communication shows how little the developers seem to care.

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U didn’t get the sarcasm.

Thank you for this, I hadn’t even thought about that!! :rofl:

It’s not really up to the developers. The people who give us information are different than people who develop the fix. They have little to no power here, they can just tell us what they know or poke somebody else for more info. Also the people who develop the fix can only do so if management tells them to. They might for example be forced to work on a feature first and can’t do literally anything about the bug at that time. If we want to be angry at somebody, we should blame the sales/management, who seem to only care about the money, as they clearly overlook a huge issue like the powerpass one or effectively lowering the player quality of life to supposedly battle bots. Tbh I am one of the people who had time to use the pass now and will have little to no time during this month when the pass will supposedly be available again and I’m also very frustrated that I am not able to. Still let’s not pour our frustration on people that genuinely have no power here.

No I didn’t get the sarcasm, sarcasm is hard to read when it’s not in person, just fyi before you make your next sarcastic comment.

I don’t care who it is, developers, or other, that’s immaterial, you’re really focussing on the wrong point here. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who it is, if it makes you happy, THEY need to be transparent to us. If they can’t communicate within their teams, that’s shambolic and shameful, that’s their issue and should be fixed and adds further to why there’s such an issue here. As the players we don’t and shouldn’t rationalise their poor efforts. There’s clearly an issue here and they need to fix it. Maybe it’s people like yourself who are so happy justifying and empathising with them that they’ve never bothered to improve themselves.

As I said, I also have a problem with how they treat us, that’s why I even replied to this topic and pinged forum moderator to get information on the matter. But blaming the wrong person and being rude is not the way to solve the issue :slight_smile: Imo one will not achieve much by generalising amazon employees and acting like Karens. At the end of the day we are all humans :)))

I’m not the one being rude, you seem to be, name-calling and throwing accusations now. I’m stating facts and expressing the frustration from the players, which is a necessary part of any game so that they know where and the need to improve. We are not blaming a particular person as I said, but as you seem to fail to understand the point of the responses, there’s no point wasting time on responding to you further.

We are telling Amazon, whoever it is, that there’s an issue and it’s annoying a lot of players. That’s the bottom line. Now go be your social justice warrior for something else to keep yourself occupied. Funny how those people trying to be nice end up being toxic.

Understandable, have a nice day.

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You think I enjoy sitting here with one slot open waiting for them to re-enable the power pass ?

You all blaming AGS for this like they own the game. Yes I agree of the majority of what u said, they are not doing a good job about the game and that’s a fact BUT, you missing the core of the problem.
What cause the power pass to be disabled? BOTS
How you can fight bots? The game doesn’t even have a proper anti cheat engine, We are sitting here with fkin EAC. Do you know how easy is to bypass EAC ?
Whos job is to provide a decent anti cheat engine for the game ? SMILEGATE
Have they provided? NO
Lets say you have a decent anti cheat engine. Tell me ONE f
kin mmorpg company that managed to save the bot problem. NON
You cant get rid of them, only restrict them. We are 5 months in still sitting here with EAC, not a word from Smilegate.
Now… Do you know why BOTS exist ? Because there is a demand for outside gold.
Who demands outside gold? RMTers
Anything sounds familiar ? Supply & Demand

You CANT control the Bots(supply) BUT you can control the RMTers(demand)
The damage had already be done to the game. Guys still running around with $5k rmt gold and those who get banned they are getting away with couple of months instead of perma

I don’t know Rick

Hey folks, here’s an update on Powerpasses in case you missed it:

Thank you for the patience with us, we really appreciate it a lot!

Hey mate, I wanted to ask - since we all got the punika powerpass ticket some time ago, wasn’t it supposed to be free? Cause it is available in the shop now but only as a purchasable option.

At this point I am not quite sure - are the power passes still disabled or not? I did get that punika growth support pack but are the free power passes (via tickets) still disabled right now and only purchasable ones are enabled?

This is becoming a growing concern as my initial plan was to use that punika lass in order to start that ongoing character growth event which requires 1302 item lvl, but that event has about a months time left and it appears the fixing of punika pass is still nowhere in sight.

Do you guys intend to extend that growth events timer? I mean I hope you do, as I imagine many people were meaning to use both, the punika pass and the growth event in conjunction?