Can't use the power pass

I Right clicked the power pass when i got it a few weeks ago and had to wait in order to use it since then. Now it seems they got re enabled, but i still can’t use it. It only gives me the option to buy a power pass. There is nothing in any of my mail or universal storage and ive restarted multiple times already.

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Hello, was the pass you acquired a few weeks ago a free or purchased pass? Currently the free passes have been enabled.

yes, it was the free one. I still am unable to use it in the character select screen

Thank you for responding by the way!

I’ve seen some reports on this issue. I have informed the team.

Advice for now is to give it a few hours and or restart the client. Otherwise you can reach out to our support.

Could you also provide your server and character name. Thanks!

I’ve already restarted multiple times and its been more than 12 hours. So I don’t really think that will work. I’m just hoping you guys will be able to fix it before tonight’s maintenance.

Faceeter - East america - Azena
Thank you