Can't wait for this to launch!

I’m so Hyped. Been waiting since the day i found out about being made, let alone being released in the west here.

What Classes is everyone looking forward to? I haven’t checked any of them out on Youtube, so I will be going in blind, its more fun in my opinion.

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Is this the OG Melkor from D3 wiz back in the day?

Same here!

@MELKOR So many great classes to choose from! When you hit 10 you can try out all the classes within an archetype.

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I’m anxious to say the least. Although I only really discovered this game a couple of days ago, I’m glad that I did. Waiting for this to release in the West must’ve been a struggle and a half for those who’ve known about this title for a while.

Beta tomorrow. Lets go!

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so hype! why does time always seem to slow down when you are excited for something haha.
I am going to test how the bard feels, as I have always enjoyed support style in other games. Plus being a musician IRL makes it feel like the choice for me personally.

What class are you the most excited for Melkor? :slight_smile: