Can't wait to see all the toxic players gone

This might jst be me but I am going to enjoy this game so much more once all those spoiled toxic kids decide to drop the game. it is extremely disturbing to see how entitled some players are acting despite all the free shit they have been given, and I am not talking about the people complaining that matchmaking has been mostly down for the past week, I’m talking about the spoiled brats whining that their 2nd free founder’s pack took 24.01h to arrive and that this is beyond acceptable. or how they have to queue for 2 hours on the full server they purposely picked despite the fact that queue times have been improved quite significantly.

honestly this is more of a rant post than anything else but the game is gonna be in a much better place once those entitled kids are gone.


Good luck. It’s a free to play online game. These people will never go away.

What about all the entitled spoiled people complaining about complainers?

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The epic fail of new world made many expectation about management from AGS here.

And while it is like some other mmorpg release, people are angry each time. Understand that if you bought anything or not, waiting 2, 3 or 4 hours to play the excellent game which did hype you is really strongly frustrating.