Capcha need to be back soon

Capcha worked extremely well against bots and now that powerpasses are back you need to add them again asap. Check data of playerbase yesterday sure there are some but they wont reach anything thanks to this. If this works please consider lifting some changes like the 3day cd on currency exchange it hurts the economy more than anything


They shouldnt Patch this one Out.
Its Not annoying and for sure works


it is a good thing they just need to make sure it does not pop up randomly for example during a raid and only why you are in a city or stronghold, because in a raid that captcha can kill you if it pops up at the wrong timing even with the 1 minute counter and only 4 characters, a few seconds can mean life and death in a raid

From what they said that’s the plan, only popping in open areas

i don’t get it why they need to do 3 day cd currency exchange that’s only burden real player and not bot.

Because Bots buy RC with fake Credit Cards, sell the stuff and the money gets charged back.

The real question is why this bot issue is so huge in AGS release where as it’s not a big problem in KR, JP, RU ? I think it has to do with client verification … This needs to be improved rather than annoying legit players with ( possibly endless) additional layers of annoyance. For now we have the 3 day gold restrictions, restriction on power passes, captcha and go knows what’s going to be next ?

I think than rather clogging the experience in game for legit players, the check should be done on the machine hosting the client and the client itself rather… the current built in anti cheat is obviously defeated by bots … make a better one like possibly other region have, as they seem to have a different one.

We already know why this is.
Out Version has/Had many holes for boting and why they didnt thought about those in advance does noone rly know

Please make them give captcha back after they rework it @Roxx. I know yesterday was a patch day so bots usually need some time but I saw not one bot. The maharaka event will be flooded with bots and inflation will explode. Chapter is a good way to get rid of bots and was highly suggested by the community! Not every feedback in this forum is legid. I guess Some ppl bought bot programms and now spread negativity cause it works.

For Korea it will never be an issue because the account is linked to your social security number or whatever. And in the west we have ‘rights’ so they cannot save this data of ours.
As for the rest, I guess its supply and demand issue. Europeans and americans are ego maniacs and would spend money to ‘hack’ everyone and show they have a big PP

Stream client is bad

Totally agree we complain hard but we also need to say when something is great and this one is the best legit counter to bots so far by FAR

They removed the only good thing they did in 7 months XD, the price of gold on rmt sites is very low, the currency exchange of crystal is like in korea with half of content, economy is totally fucked up for bots and they removed capcha which was a good way to fight permanently bot…GG WP

Yea, the thing is…Amazon games don’t care, they only need a quick way to do money and done…they don’t care nothing abouts games, players, Big, bots, a long etc…kr only need one check before login, and one everytime u Buy, but NA/EU/SA server??? They don’t care…sad but true @Roxx real or no?

Even if it’s true which i doubt. The real issue is steam not the game. Ru/jp/kr doenst rely on it. And their launcher owns more data that limits the possibility of botting in the first place

I support, bring back the captcha!

Thanks everyone for chiming in on this topic. I’ll make sure this feedback is passed over to the team.

Your incompetence is professional, your unintentional captcha killed all bots and you’re searching for a “fix”?!

Well, just


No Steam has nothing to do with that, lol. The reason why RU and JP are not overrun by bots is that it’s just not profitable, unlike in the west. And KR got an ID registration. AGS should invest more resources into updating the Antibot Algorithm. It seems like they’ve been sleeping recently with the number of punika bots out there right now.

well in JP/RU the game isnt anywhere near as popular as the west so the botters arnt going to waste time there.

and in KR they tie the game accounts too there irl IDs.

in america this would be like if your lost ark account was tied to your social security number and if you got banned youd need to commit identity theft to play again. (idk if jp or ru does this, but even if they did its largely a non issue due to how small there populations are)

and even then KR does have bots just no where near as many as ours.