Capcha need to be back soon

I do understand it works but it’s too agressive… in the current state it was in you wouldn’t even be able to AFK without getting ban… so good luck with your toilet / coffee break or whatever XD

Sure once it gets adjusted, why not… finding good balance between results and annoying the payer base .

not true becouse just make capcha pop-up only after a channel/map switch and not randomly, its not aggressive, buy pheon for 2903485092k gold is aggressive

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lol yeah if only it was as you described they would probably leave it… but no, it also happened randomly while i was half afk browsing on second screen… so it’s less often but could happen not only when changing zone. And just look at other post of people getting ban as a result.

a lot of people just lier, there is a lot post of people crying becouse have been banned for trading gold with other players, but ofc i dont trust im sure they just bought gold and cry for getting what they deserve, me and guild always did gold trade to divide the money from the map / raid loot and no one of us get banned,
people who don’t want capcha are just rmters because I don’t see the problem of putting the captcha that does not come out randomly but at certain times if this can solve permanently the bot problem

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No, steam no has nothing to do with this, this is AMG problem no one else they ar fckng dunkey and don’t know what to do, sad but real

they need to work on their support for bans before trying to implement more BS for the real players, yeah im still curious if the players who got banned for captcha failure are unbanned yet.
im all for fighting against bots but if the real player experience becomes worse and worse nobody will want to play

i agree but it need to be maintain… like wtf captcha can appear after you clearing vykas or valtan, bot are not even there lol.just set captcha on low level island or when questing on low level zone… also set captcha for twisting chaos gate and infinite chaos dungeon if someone can’t solve that captcha they will immediately sent back to login screen and need to clear like 5 captcha again. @Roxx @Shadow_Fox @Maselbart @OminousOnion

and captcha need to be back as soon as possible if you are planning captcha release on september update 100% this game will be new world 2.0

Make captcha BACK!!! We need captcha!

yeah, many bots on Argos and abyssal looking for bus. Its been a while now
low roster level and lv.1 Stronghold Nameless Territory are BOTS obviously