Capital letters in character name

Will we be able to have more than 1 capital letter in character name on release?
Right now I can’t have my name that I used in previous games… It just looks dumb without 2nd capital letter :frowning:


Some alterations to the naming system, such as the added flexibility of capitalization, spaces, and (limited) special characters, namely dashes and apostrophes, would do wonders.


i wish there was a bit more flexibility in naming as well.

Either one or a couple of additions would be super helpful:

  • Capitalization
  • Space or underscore_
  • Numbers

Thanks for this feedback, it has been noted


+1 for this.
The problem I’ve had playing in other LA servers after a long time is that finding a name for your new character is extremely hard to do because of the restrictive naming scheme. People play Lost Ark with a lot of alts so a lot of names get used up. Providing more options in the naming restriction will help a lot.

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I would like to have a lowercase letter at the beginning.

I strongly agree. That would be fantastic

Family names would resolve a lot of this. One name for account, name alts anything you like without conflict.

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We’ve already seen that it’s possible to create names like CyFy and Swyo Practice from watching the community live streams. It shouldn’t be too difficult to implement that for everyone.

I would absolutely love this feature but I don’t know how easy it would be for Amazon to implement since it’s something that Smilegate would have to develop specifically for the NA/EU version seeing as no other version of Lost Ark uses it.

Hey Roxx, don’t forget pet names either!

It was such a silly moment when I saw that mecha robot pet, which not only had a space but a dash in its original name, yet when I wanted to name mine Metal Gear RAY, I couldn’t do so with the spaces.

As you can see, it’s mega silly. If the system can use those by default, then so should the players be able to.

Roxx mentioned they are trying to work with this feedback, hopefully we get an announcement soon Question about nicknames :: Lost Ark General Discussions

Bumping because this should have been a thing from the very start, especially considering once a character reaches a certain level you can not deleted it and expect to get that username back. I have lost 3 username and a pair of epic cosmetic goggles this way. We already know that the KR/RU versions have limitless capitalization because we have seen streamers with names like MokokoCEO.

Limiting to one capital letter is a huge inconvenience to the players and will eventually if not already turn some players away from the game.

Not to mention there is a group of bots collecting normal looking usernames like “Rabis.”
With bots also taking peoples usernames… This is a huge issue. It took me probably 30mins to name each of my characters because everything is taken. I was putting extremely random words together by the end of it. So now all of my characters are named in a way that I’m not fully happy with but at least I can play… I even tried the name of the company I own and it was taken :face_holding_back_tears:. So yeah I would love to see some feed back that’s a little more than “Noted” on this topic.

@Roxx Are there any news on this topic? Still waiting for capital letters in the name :slight_smile:

pretty sure this is the LEAST of their concerns. and odds are you’ll get a

''we are working on it"


“soon to come in a distant, future QoL feature along side some random BS we’ve added for nothing to combat BOTs to shut you up for a week”

you get it

Thats not even something they have to develop or really invest any time at all.
Atleast KR as already mentioned has it since ever.
Its just a config file which defines what is allowed and what not.

So yes, since bots Wordlist all the way, it can really get frustrating to get anything close to the Name you want.

Also i ask for Spaces (which perhaps is not possible, could accept that) and special letters like öäü ê (ok didnt test if they are working, if they do, ignore that also)

we ask this since thay 1 dude , i been long and i fogot about this lol

Would really like capital letters as well.

Please, my name looks weird without a second capital letter.

And space