Captcha bug when in guild UI

It’s now happened twice and it concerns me. So while in the guild UI [Alt+U]( i was on a Guild leader both times it occurred) it wouldn’t register the correct input. Clicked the inverted image dead center and said that it was a failed attempt. The first time this occurred i honestly just though i was being blind or something. This second time i most definitely hit the inverted one. As i have no clue what exactly happens after to many failed attempts or how many failed captcha’s can occur out of the like 8 i’ve done i’ve failed these two on same character and at same circumstances.
Location: Great Castle/Yorn At the bloodstone merchant.
Background of captcha: Opened guild UI, was doing research and donations
Character: Trickyfister [Ilvl 853]
Server: Enviska {US west}
Resolution: Forced 21:9
Time: 11:20ish server. Initial login of the game.

Thanks for reporting this! I’ll get this over to the team.

This has been sent over to the team.

No problem. i love this game. Keep up the good work.