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I posted this in the General, thought I posted it here so here it is again…

This is what happened…

  1. Logged into the game, and immediately got a CAPTCHA ImageDisplayWindow…
  2. CAPTCHA Image was displayed with a running countdown timer bar
  3. At 27 seconds left in the countdown timer bar, selected the “Inverted Image” by clicking in the middle of it.
  4. CAPTCHA ImageDisplayWindow closed.
  5. Received a message in the CHAT WINDOW that said…

“Failed to answer correctly 3 times, so the question will be refreshed. Authentication successful.”

It appears that I successfully clicked the correct image in the CAPTCHA, but the Message in the CHAT, says I failed to answer correctly 3 times, when in fact I only answered 1 time and it immediately closed. But it also says Authentication successful.

  • So, was I successful or was I not successful?
  • I was never given 3 chances, how could I fail 3 times when I clicked 1 time and it closed?
  • Is this message even correctly worded?

Can you make CAPTCHA not show to people over say 75+ Roster Level or 25+ Stronghold?
I doubt most bots have gotten to either of these levels and the CAPTCHA is not good if like people say you are afk while zoning in or there is lag loading the screen etc… please think on this as most BOTS would not be a high roster or stronghold level.

I got the exact same experience. Logged in right after update and got the captcha