CAPTCHA requests and Powerpasses availability

Heroes of Arkesia

After today’s maintenance we notice players were receiving CAPTCHA requests when trying to access certain areas or activities within the game. This wasn’t intended and we’re working to turn off this iteration of the CAPTCHA feature as soon as possible.

Also, the Powerpass purchase was announced as re-enabled after today’s maintenance but was actually unavailable for a period of time. We have solved the issue and Powerpass purchases are available again.

Thanks for your patience.


Following the August Update, the Captcha system for Lost Ark was unintentionally released into the live game, causing player confusion and frustration. This Captcha system is being worked on internally as a possible mitigation for fighting back against bots and improving the game experience for real players. As it is not feature complete, it was not intended for release on live servers at this time.

The release of this system did cause a small number of temporary suspensions for players that were unable to complete the Captchas. If you received a suspension due to the Captcha system please reach out to our Customer Support team and all penalties will be removed from your account.

The Captcha system is now turned off, and players will no longer see it in the live game. We apologize for any inconvenience that this feature may have caused. As we continue to develop the system, we will be sure to share more details about its possible implementation with players in the future.