Captcha system?

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  • Added a CAPTCHA system as an ongoing bot prevention measure. Sometimes when entering a new zone, you may be asked to submit a text CAPTCHA response within several minutes.

Personally, I do not like this I get what they are trying to do but I see this just getting annoying, I mean I am trying to play a game not type in a password

I see a couple bots here and there but why annoy players when bots are already pretty under control, this is going to backfire


Captcha system in-game is a low quality decision. Actually made me pause and consider if I’d still want to keep playing with these type of decisions being made. If it does – I don’t see any longevity. Absolutely disagree with this approach.

Needs to be mandatory to the sign up process NOT the in-game experience. What other game does this? Now botters are creating a notable hindrance to my gameplay for me to have to say something about it.

Please reevaluate.


The funny thing is that computers are even better in solving Captchas that humans.


Good point.
I think they should be deactivated for an old account like 4 months old (start when game released)
Or maybe they should also be deactivated when the account have crystalline aura
Or maybe if the account have like a couple of t3 char with 1400+ item level ? What do you guys think ??


I saw one streamer talk about an old mmo that did it and I guarantee that is where they got the idea, bad idea and it is just going to get annoying especially considering I think we are the only region with this, I do not think KR or RU or JP have it correct me if I am wrong.


So, what happens if a player enters wrongly? Get booted out of the game and have to wait 5 minutes to relaunch the game?


Just like ags/smilegate it does not say there was 0% communication AGAIN

I might be done tbh

  1. classes

  2. No summer skins with the summer event

  3. THIS

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we havent even seen it lmao

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Old accounts can still use chaos dungeon botting, this will prevent that

I also want to know what exactly the store purchase is.

Is it items from Auction house? I personally save tripods and then sell it right away after saving it in my inventory and this can be a little annoying considering I have a lot of characters’s tripod to work on still.

I mean that’s the only logical thought process right? If failing captcha doesn’t boot bots out of the game, then what’s it gonna do? Send it to cash shop?

i mean how do you even fail one? lol

The likelihood of a player failing is rare but doesn’t mean it will not occur. Just saying.

Imagine you load into a Guardian Trial raid and you failed that 1/1000 chance on the Captcha. Guardian Trial entry gone?

They did get rid of large amount of bots but they didn’t get rid from afk macro farming chaos dungeon or bots that didn’t get detected. This should solve the last two and we are yet to judge how really annoying it will be.

They say “store”, could it be the F4 in game Store ??

Things like the skins and such i would believe. You could prior buy from the store and instantly list up on the AH.

Its ags/smilgate do you really have high hopes :rofl:

It depends on the system. If the system can decide with time that your account is kinda trusted and you are excluded to do captcha then okey. If they just implemented a captcha system ingame, then its a bit lazy work.

if you don’t like it don’t play.

Then how does this prevent gold selling at all?

People convert to blue crystal to buy things in F4 Shop, or sometimes the rare glavier bundle for the cloud mount but is this even necessary