Caracters Transfer

Servers were all full in Europe so i started my character in one of the few open ones, which was a mistake from me, but is there any chance we can get a ticket to transfer a character to another server from the same region?

I used my 34.99€ pack on that character, bought a 20€ skin, got some exclusive pets and items and i wont be able to use it anymore in the server i want to go now, which was one of the blocked server at the beginning…

If there was some type of tickets to tranfer character to another server from the same region it would be great for the players who were “obligated” to play in the open server. Some of them couldnt even play so it would be some type of compensation? Please think about it!

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Hello @Posso!

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum, I’m really glad to see you are here at the forums and hope you can enjoy your time here and at the game as well!

Regarding your request, sadly we don’t have any information about a server transfer option for Lost Ark, and we haven’t received any detail about a future server change option, however If I get any new information I will let you know.

I hope that my answer clears your concern!