Card Crafting Idea

I propose an idea to implement a Card Crafting Resource, or by allowing players to use Card XP Enhancement Points to Create Cards (or Packs) of there choosing based on the resource cost of the exchange. It would boost Sales for Card Packs (Regardless of Type) and would boost Activity in the New Region we just unlocked (South Vern) given all the quest rewards grant card packs. Maybe in the Future Smilegate RPG should consider making a TCG in Lost Ark (that could be an irl hit…) considering the popularity of games such as Hearthstone, Gwent, Magic, Yugioh, to name a few. Also, if I could buy a Physical Card Pack for Lost Ark that I could then Scan a 3d Code on the Card to then Import the Card into the Game Online, that would be awesome.

Longshort history you want to to finish your card set in a week

You seem very negative. How about instead of thinking someone is just trying to belittle a system for quick personal gain, try imagining they would be enhancing the experience for many other players with new features and content not yet seen in the game. Idk just a thought.