Card droprate bugged on my account

Server: Antares
Region EU Central

Type of the issue: after 1k+ card runs and opening multiple card packs i am constantly getting beatrice card - odds of it happening so many times in a row are incredibly row. In total my account had over 25 beatrice card dropped which is much higher than any other card. Issue increased in occurrence over last 1 month when i started dropping beatrice very frequently.

Please check if there was no droprate bugs on account and provide feedback on the issue.

It’s not a bug, it’s a business modell. Spend more real money to the game, open more card pack.

that is why better stack cards if u already knew u keep getting 1 card. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This does not seem to be bugged.


But it very well could be especially because Lost ark has Hardware RNG calculation system that is seed based. If my seed is particurarly bad/bugged it leads to constant poor rolls.

Case like this was already reported and acknowledged by smilegate in Korea and i would like this to be sent to devs for review as well.

Kind regards

The issue i am discussing here is something completely different. I am saying that constant suspiciously high droprate of certain cards might indicate an rng seed issue on my account.
This has nothing connected to the link you provided and i strongly recommend to read it first yourself as the first 2 sentences show exactly that.