Card Exp missing

I am unable to awaken cards because my card exp appears to be reset and is suspiciously low.

I had 800K card exp, awakened a few cards, and was around 300k last night. I log in today and had 13k. This amount is suspiciously low.

Also the amount being a perfect round number i.e. 13,000 is really strange. It looks like only the minor amount of exp cards I clicked have counted towards exp.


Awakening cards is nothing to be really worried about, extra feature in the game. Most events are end tier dungeons are give a lot of card xp. You will get eventual enough to level up!

Hello @Narwhale,

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I’m sorry to hear that but also thank you for pointing out this issue, please try the following:

-Close the game.
-Restart your steam client.
-I would also recommend you verify the integrity of your game files as follows:

-Launch the game.
-Click the option to expand catalog.

I hope the above is useful to you , I’m looking forward to your reply.

Have a great day and take care! :dagger:


This issue is persisting on multiple computers and after a verify and game client restart.

This is something that has happened on the server / game side. The exp value got reset to 0.

Hello @Narwhale

I understand that you’re still experiencing this issue and this time it dropped to 0 accumulated Exp, in this case I would recommend you to contact us directly so we can open an investigation on what happened with that experience, here is our contact information:

Hope you have a great rest of your day!

Ok ticket has been submitted.