Card not recognized for upgrade

As the title says, I want to upgrade the tarsalia card and have an additional copy of her in my inventory.
But on the Card catalog screen, when I select Tarsalia it states, that I have 0 identical cards in my possesion.


  • I have added the first card to the catalog
  • I added the required card xp to be able to enhance the card
  • But when I want to enhance it, it says I do not possess the tarsalia card
  • I also tried right clickin the card to see wether it is correctly recognized and the correct popup appears asking me if I want to convert it to card xp since its already in my catalog

After that I saw, that I also have a Maneth card, that I want to upgrade so I checked wether this would work


  • I have the Maneth card in my Inventory
  • The card awakening says: I need 2 to upgrade and I have 0 in my possesion

Same problem for Solas Card:


I have already tried relogging but did not change anything
I also tried moving the card around between storages and alts to retrigger the detection but also did not work

You have to use the card from your inventory and add it to your Card Catalog first. After doing so, it will be shown as a duplicate/identical card in the Card Catalog.

All 3 cards are already in my catalog, when I right click them it asks if I want to convert them to xp as they are already in my catalogue, for example on maneth you can see I already have 1 awakening on him which would not be possible without having him already in the catalog. And it would not be possible to increase the xp of the card if it was not collected, clearly visible in the screenshot

Using another card will add a second copy of it to your deck for upgrading, They stack so it doesn’t take any more room either. It’s not converted into xp and disappears if that’s what you think. To use a card you need to actually use it not have it in your inventory

Oh yes you are actually right, I was scared of destroying the extra card for xp and the wording of in my posession made me think I need to have them in my inventory. Thanks for the clarification