Card RNG exploit

Open 10 card packs at a time for best results. I have tested this multiple times and my best results always come from opening 10 packs at a time. If anyone has more information on this please share. The RNG for a single pack is what it is, but if you open 10 at once RNG is instant and the 10% chance is a true 10% chance. If you consider how a random number generator works if you take 10 consecutive numbers its much better than taking 10 random numbers from random times of a RNG sequence.

This is not how it works


I mean opening 10 at once sure feels better. But I really can’t see how it’d be better than opening one at a time.

Each number is generated separately, whether it’s the next one or 100 down the line.

I don’t know man. I’ve opened 40 packs some weeks ago in a row and only got average rewards. Maybe you’re just lucky :smile:


I disagree. Each number is generated separately, but if you take them in succession you increase your odds every time you don’t hit a legendary… If you open one pack at a time you are at the wim of true rng. Maybe I am just lucky but I have definitely seen a pattern opening 10 at a time.

I opened the first 4, one at a time, and got legendary on each one. Then I opened 20 by packs of 10 and got 0 legendaries.


Because it’s RNG, there is no exploit, that is how random works.

The equaluzation of 10% assumed vs 10% perceived is true once you open 1000+++ of them. Big number law.


But if the RNG numbers are taken in succession you have a higher chance of hitting true statistical accuracy. Playing 1 at a time is a gamble.

Taking them in succession does nothing. Each number has an equal chance of meeting whatever requirement for a legendary pack because the current number doesn’t influence the next.

If you roll a 5 for a common as a random example, there’s nothing preventing your next 9 consecutive rolls from being a 5 aside from being extremely unlikely.


Your wrong about sequential numbers in an rng system. they make a big difference because each “random number” is weighted to a %.

When they’re generated, sure. All that means is that you have a higher tendency when the system makes a roll towards whatever appears most often. Let’s use the Any Pack as an example.

Easiest way to set it up is having 200 entries. We can’t use 100 because Legendary and Epic have decimals, but doubling it fixes that. For Common/Uncommon/Rare/Epic/Legendary, you have 40/60/80/19/1 entries respectively. Your RNG rolls between 1 and 200. It will generate random numbers, with nothing before or after affecting the current number. The weight is in how many times each result appears.

We can’t say anything about how RNG works outside of “Lost Ark doesn’t use the most basic of RNG” without a much larger sample size. It’s just a feeling.

The only real way to beat RNG, is to open 1! then tap the table 4 times, spin the chair around anti clockwise 2,5 times, sit down, and spin the last half, drink 3 sips of coffee, fiddle with your diddle, open your 2. pack! BOOM! legendary.

Works everytime, and if it doesn’t work, it’s because you messed up the order or something, I can’t help you bro… Like, do it properly man!


Rng is rng.

There is no rhyme or reason to it.

Saintone literally saves hundreds of cards and opens them all at once at the end of the year I believe and it’s just that…rng

There is a bit of merit to the concept.

I don’t think Lost Ark uses a very good math algorithm which results in a lot of streaks.
This goes with any RNG on a computer since they can’t actually be random.
The higher the pool and complex the algorithm the more ‘random’ it pretends to be.

opened 90 card packs last week got 0 legendary.

My main issue is just that it’d absolutely be something KR picked up on by now if it were the case.
That alone sets a heavy bias towards it just being a feeling.

OP I can also confirm the card RNG is all fake. Just opened the login reward right now, u can only get legendary if u open 10

Its comical how in every single game people convince themselves theirs patterns to the rng.


“Card RNG exploit” that only tells me that you have no idea what RNG even stands for. you can’t exploit it as it’s all based on luck… take honing as an example. people fail a 90% success chance but succeed a 30% and lower chances. there’s no such thing as “RNG exploit”

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did not get one legendary from open the 20

My best result, 5 packs opening