Card Selection Pack - Kadan

Is there a possibility to add Kadan into the card selection pack?

I believe some people will be in a similar situation that has more Kadan cards than the other light cards. (Nineveh, Azena, etc.,) The only way of getting Kadan is to buy the card packs from the Lost Ark Shop and even if you get a legendary pack, it has a very low possibility of getting a Kadan card.

Would you consider adding Kadan into the legendary selection pack in your next patch, please?

its also not in the KR version like this, so he probably wont.

Thats the known “Kadan trap”.
Kadan does drop as a reward in elgasia abyss dungoens i believe.

Hello Lack4Kadan, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Retours et suggestions” section to the English “Game Feedback” section.

Hi, sill not in the selection pack. I though all legendary are inside and i broke my 3 legendaries pack to get the light set. Please add in the cards pack. Tks

Kadan is mysterious you can’t get his card in selection pack, that would be too easy.

that’s why they call him the Trap card cause you can’t select him and that’s why you have 7 LOS cards and you can only use 6 just go for the others since you can select them if you got unlucky and got a lot of him from random card packs that’s a RIPBOZO

kadan will never be on the selection pack guys

Kadan is in some selection packs but not others. Most don’t have him.

The kadan Selector does exsist. In KR they just got one last week, i think we will get that option around the same time they do, so a while after hakkan.

yeah in kr they all go min los 18 so yeah this is just to help new player i guess
time akkan come we all be los 18 so kadan pointless or the game will be dead