Card system collection

I don’t know if it’s a bug or that’s how it should work, but it really sucks

i had blue card lvl 2/5 + 12 card colletion. i found another card the 13. but the card Disappeared. didnt get exp.
Well then I realized that every additional card is unnecessary so I decided to delete the 12+ cards and get more Experience.
But when I deleted the cards… the original card also disappeared, and I couldn’t use the set effect/card deck…I had to get it again

What’s going on here

You are basically deleting the whole “stack” of the card (original and copies), to make 1 slot free in your card book, not just deleting single copies of it

As for the copies, you can have total 16 same cards, the 17th onwards will get converted to card xp, or 1 original card and 15 duplicates in other words

these are the maximum card copies you can own:
lvl 0 + 15
lvl 1 + 14
lvl 2 + 12
lvl 3 + 9
lvl 4 + 5
lvl 5 + 0

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