Card system - enhancements requested

Howdy! I hope you consider adding more selection packs for purple, (mostly due to the super low % drop chance) blue, and green cards. I’ve needed only a few more of 1 specific card now for many months and it’s very frustrating every time it doesn’t drop. Selection card packs would greatly enhance this system and allow us to complete our builds and try new ones out.



Not gonna lie, adding selection packs for Epic, Rare and Uncommon cards would be pretty sweet

Being able to complete other sets would be pretty awesome, especially We’ll Meet Again and Forest of Giants

Those are awesome for learning a new raid

Plus gimme more packs for Demon, Humanoid and Undead damage

I want

thats what im saying! its been 3 months no Tir/Vrad/Wonpho cards and like 90 card packs a week! ah, this rng is brutal. please toss us some selection packs :slight_smile:

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Tir and Vrad are both farmable from dungeon drops

I got my last 5 Tir cards in about 40 runs, and 3 out of 4 Vrad cards in 60 runs

Real Farm is the Umar Family set, both blue cards arent farmable and you need Galatur cards :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’ve farmed 2 tir cards but the farm is really mindless lol. Giving us selection packs would just be great honestly. Not everyone has great rng.

My RNG on most things in this game has been Terrible besides World Tree Leaves.

cards are the real end game

purple cards are literally the hardest cards.

I’m still missing around 20-25 of them to finish demon damage books but i finished los 30 and lwc 30 2.5 months ago…

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wow okay. im p sure im like 1 awakening from LOS 18 rip

Hello! I’ll forward this suggestion over to the team. Thanks everyone for chipping in :slightly_smiling_face:.

Ty ty! This would be huge! :sunglasses:

sorry but I’m p sure blue are the hardest. it has literally the most cards so the lowest chance for anything you want specifically

Normal cards are probably in league with Legendary ones

You get good chances for Uncommon, Rare and even Epic on most free drops

But Normal only come from certain packs and it seems at a lesser rate

Glad many sets don’t use Normal cards except for damage+