Cardset effect switch

When is is acceptable to switch from Lostwind Cliff cardset to Light of Salvation?

When your fighting a boss that’s weak to holy damage.

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not always

there are some few exeptions like , you missing some crit with LoS to make KBW viable

if you fall below 45% crit and you wont have any crit synergie in your party for example

but mostly like Bakn said

or if you play mayhem zerk, tank set for majority of the encounters :smiley:

When you get bored and wanna try something new :rofl:

Any normal answer? LIke the KBW makes sense…but what if you only have 20 awakening on each?

In my opinion it also depends on your class, as Igniter Sorc or Surge Blade for example I would keep Lostwind Cliff if you see lots of white numbers on the important skills, a Doomsday crit deals tons more damage than the other non-crits combined with Salvation Cardset.

If you are not dependant on 1-3 skills to deal 80%+ of your damage, Light of Salvation is a better damage increase on average. If your class depends on a few, high crits, I would choose Lostwind unless you play with Hallucination or have crit synergy in your party

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Lol when you have high enough crit rate and if you think you can get crit rate synergy parties consistently then los is the way. Maxed out los card set that’s about how many percentage dmg bonus? A lot.

If your build is not scuffed, los18 is always better than lwc12

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