Care for roadmap bets?

so anyone down for making some bets on when the roadmap will be released ? ( odds of winning will still be better than the honing rates ;).

having a weekly apology from AGS is pathetic so may aswell make some bank off of thier bs :smiley:

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Probably in like 2 weeks after the event ends, and it wont be good enough for anyone on the forums

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I’m not worried about it. I know I’m going to play the game for a few years if they stay true to the vision & don’t change much of gameplay. I don’t need to know what’s coming from AGS. Why, what kind of things are you looking for in the roadmap?

atm they could just spit out anything they want, change dates etc but the roadmap kinda keeps them true to a release schedule and we know whats coming, alot of peopel are waiting for it and alot of people will quit / keep playing based on the roadmap due to being happy / unhappy etc. and since they’ve been promising it since February its quite understandable that people want it, yes they’ve said they’re adjusting it, but not really a good excuse to why its not already out


If the roadmap comes out I will apologise to @harmoniumxiv for saying his pictures are silly.



The sad truth is, they didnt change any major aspect in the roadmap, maybe some little changes, but 1000%:

Arcana or Destroyer is coming next month, no other classes
Legion Raid Valtan is coming

I think everyone agrees that we get a shitty roadmap, but how shit will it be? Its very sad that AGS needs over a month, almost 2 months to release a roadmap where no major things got changed, I wont be suprised it will be worse than the leaked one.

Their excuse that “they have to re-evalute the roadmap” is a straight lie, it got leaked and was so shit that they just used this excuse and are now waiting that over time the people forget it and release it, still shitty but maybe most players dont recognize it.

This company is full of non-qualified staff, we saw that they are not capable of managing full scale MMORPGs and desperatly milk the games till they die. They know LA wont last long, so they try to milk it. They even probably think they are doing a good job, but everyone is laughing at them.


Could be tomorrow

lol best joke ive heard this year

Did new world ever get a roadmap? I played for months and everyone was asking for it but I quit before they ever put one out. I don’t think AGS is very keen on them and I think if they stall long enough everyone will quit or stop caring.

i think new world just recently released a roadmap but dont think it was ever promised at release

I remember they clearly said after their first big patch they would release on and then didn’t.

lol guess i had already quit new world by then

I find it funny that people are eagerly awaiting a roadmap from a game that’s been released and updated for close to three years elsewhere.

You’d think they would have some sort of roadmap or direction for the game in mind already, considering they have all the resources available to them. Instead, like most things AGS, it’s mismanaged to a hilarious degree.

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I wish that was wrong… But it’s true, the management in ASG so far look… bad

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i liked this part of their post last week

Existing skins in the Korean version were released before some classes, requiring art and development time to rig models with skins for newer classes and the special weapons that accompany them.

so if kr already has everything we’re getting already what exactly do they need to rig xD… the models / animations / armour etc are already implemented into the game lol

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At least a 3rd of all skins in KR aren’t available on newer classes such as assassins, striker, sorceress, which happen to be available in our version.

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I’m in a position to whale my way through but I’m not going to spend money until I feel comfortable about the games longevity on the us west servers. Knowing the direction of the games content releases would go a long way towards making me feel comfortable spending money.


Exactly this. I think a lot of people have put spending on hold while they wait to find out what’s coming.

Equally many haven’t but yeah.

Its sad to say but whatever comes out on roadmap will make people angry one way or another.

All I want to see is mainly potential release dates to see what the pace of content release will actually look like from now on with this “accelerated” cadence they want to keep playing at. I would hope inhales large amounts of hopium that we get 3 classes but thats just a hope lol