Careful spending your money on this game

no clue why but they given my account a security ticket that ist valid, so im taking it im banned, for using a Pdanet that makes my phone Usb debuggable so i can use usb internet stead of hotspot…

Contact support. They have live support that you can talk to. This has nothing to do with spending money in the game, this has to do with their cheat detection most likely.

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Has plenty todo with it, when i bought founders pack and cant even play the game… :rofl: :eyes:

You are getting emotional where being rational would better suit the situation. The other poster gave you a logical explanation as to why you may have been pinged by the anti-cheat software and you respond emotionally. The problem with people using PC’s/electronic devices is that many use third party software to overcome problems but they never consider they could be creating other problems by doing so.

I hope you get your situation sorted and we see you back in game very soon but rationalise, don’t get emotive, especially when dealing with a business, they are not emotional entities even though they might reply with “we understand your frustration”, they don’t, it isn’t happening to them.


havent got to play, i didt think i even askd for refund, I just want it fixed…Emotional? :joy: :rofl:
Hell i havent even gt to try the games lol
I gotta laugh outta that, thanks.

Meanwhile, im having a blast on D2R :upside_down_face:

But here you are in the Lost Ark forums, cant be that much of a blast. You understand laughing reflects an emotion? Have fun, see you when you get your act sorted.


Ya me my son and wife laughing at you. your funny, you think your smart, but looking dumb as hell.

Course im here I spent money on the development of the game game before it even released in US, why wouldt i be here? Haruchai, you must be looking for someone to make you feel better about your miserable life, i aint the one. I cant wait till they figure out the problem… They will, but mean while D2R geting alot of attention from me and my family theres 4 of us that cant get LA to even show a splash screen.

Your fella was explaining on what to do with your situation civilly, and this is how you respond…? As a parent this is how you behave? I am embarrassed for you…

You buying a founders pack doesnt have any bearing on anything, nor does spending any money on the game, period. People in this thread have given you avenues to a solution. Check the consumer ego and pursue this case with support so they can help you. Or dont. The choice is yours.

This guy resurrected his own post just so that he could get emotional all over again lol


Rofl, already have tiicket in past 3 weeks. Im sure they will fix soon…

im not talking bout founders man, ive been following this game since it released in russia x]

one of my fav games…

You were just telling us about how much of a blast you were having in another game and here you still are and even introducing the family to us, god knows why. Get a grip.

Get owned

See ya later

Damn dude… his WHOLE FAMILY is laughing at you :rofl: