Carvings not harvestable in dungeon

Hey, didn’t find anything about this yet.
I was doing my trade skills tracking for prey. The first dungeon i found was pretty normal, i killed all the prey and was happy with my loot.
Then i used the second tracking tip, it led me to the same dungeon location. I entered the dungeon, it was full with rabbits, and i killed all the rabbits, but this time, none of the carvings became harvestable, the promp just didn’t show up. So this was a waste of my map, but i thought somethings wrong with my game state. So i restarted the game, changed to another region, did the tracking again, found the dungeon, first dongeon was normal again, then did the tracking again, and again, in the second dungeon on this new map, all the rabbits spawned, i killed them, but the prompt to harvest the carvings didn’t show up for any of them. So that was a waste of 2 maps i never get back.

Interesting, thanks for reporting this, martin-baschin.

Before I can send this over to the development team for further review, what is your character name/server?

Also, welcome to the Lost Ark forum community!

I am playing on Central Europe/Kadan and the character effected was Neutanna

Is there any update on this?

Unfortunately at this time i have no further updates regarding this, however the development team is aware.