Cash Shop feedback

Hi Guys, generally i think you’ve done a decent job at launch so far, once you get in the server they are smooth and the player experience is excellent. Obviously queues are a problem but expected and we’ll see long term how the most populated servers get on.

I’ve no problem with the concept of a cash shop for both cosmetics and progression items. There has to be a way for you to make money on a long-term basis for a live service game that continues to grow with new content.

Now that’s out the way the feedback.

The impression the cash shop gives is key. Can we please please please remove some of the obvious Mobile Phone game practices from the cash shop, There’s absolutely no need for you to sell packs of crystals in the 1000s and then all the items are 1100 or whatever. It’s just cheap and nasty, we all know why you do it, so people are left with not enough, have to buy more, then left with too many that can’t buy anything. We know.

Just sell things that are devisable by the crystal pack size, there’s no need for blue crystals to sell packs of 400 but crystalline aura costs 420. It’s just cheap and nasty the game is way better than that, have confidence in the product, people will buy stuff you don’t need the cheap moble gimmicks.


Hard agree with Sarracenae the pricing structure is not good to players and exploitative.