Cash shop items/pets exclusive to server?

Like I might understand exclusive to region but there are 15 servers, on NA I got friends on different servers, so if I buy items for one character where i play with friends i cant use it on others?

It seems silly like I cant server transfer or play with others in different servers but no im locked into a server where only half my friends are and they are to

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I believe they are currently looking into the possibility of server transfers in the future but as that feature does not exist in any version of the game currently I would not expect to see it anytime soon. It is very silly that the original devs never thought to add that kind of functionality. I’ve never played on the RU/KR versions so I have no idea how things are setup over there. Maybe they just never needed it.

Sadly there is currently no solution. Really all you guys can do is wait and hope or reroll on the other server and start from scratch.

I know right, this is the first out of over 20 MMO’s I’ve played where the cash bought items, mounts, pets and cosmetics are locked to one server / Roster. Most games all of these things are account bound not server / roster bound. I believe this is a horrible practice as I have friends on 6 different servers now and most likely more to come as more people I know may start playing as well. But they too have other friends so we have to choose what servers to play on with what friends. Sad that as we do this all those bought items and in-game unlocks of mounts, pets and cosmetics and what not we do not have access to.

It sure would be nice to have access to everything we bought and unlocked no matter what server we log into to play with other friends.

and in the end the game heavily supports this, i mean there is 15 servers for god sake, in one single region, if you even assume everyone you want to play with is in the same region, the typical exciting thing in mmos of going “oh you play lost ark to! lets play togeather” is going to be 14 out of 15 times “oh you play lost ark to? what server? oh im on this one, guess i have less reason to play now”

like 7% chance you can play with someone that sure is fun