Cash shop navigation deserves improvements

First off, thanks for the free currency during the beta, as it allowed us to experiment.

One thing I’ve noticed that is pretty bothersome is the sheer number of confirmation clicks required for you to actually purchase a single item. I believe you needed to click something around 7 times before the item actually ended up in your inventory (or was it the mailbox?). That’s a little ridiculous.

I am in favour of confirmation screens on items that end up being bound to a particular character, and these should especially be there on release for those founder skins, so that nobody makes a mistake, but I am also certain we can reduce the number of clicks required for a purchase down to something much more manageable, say a total of 3.

That’d be an appreciated change.

I find it unfathomable that people are finding this system hard to comprehend

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I don’t find it difficult to comprehend at all; it simply consists of way too many unnecessary confirmation left-clicks, lol.

I agree lol