Cash shop skins do not indicate whether dyeable or not

One of the main reasons to get a skin is that they are dyeable. Although the Alar skin in the cash shop is completely dyeable, the Cryptic Immortal Punisher skin is not.

Although both skins have the same descriptions, there are no refunds–so I am just stuck with an undyeable skin that I got mostly because I wanted to dye it.

Could you please indicate “Cannot be Dyed” on the skin pack? You can’t look at the individual pieces until you have purchased it. Very not nice. :frowning:


/agreed. I am the type that likes to pick my own colors so please.

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Thanks, this is something we’ve seen feedback on and raised to the dev team as a potential UI improvement


Yeah, should be mentioned in the tooltip.

It would also be nice if you guys could put out an official statement on how the Bonus founder’s pack premium skin (lawmaker) cannot be dyed despite the original had this feature.

Furthermore there was a misunderstanding with Amazon support where they stated that even the special effects can be changed, however that’s not the case… you get stuck with whatever color you got which is a bit weird seeing how there was 0 information on the matter before players got a choice.

While its not a priority, having something that shows you’re aware and working on it to players who unpleasantly get surprised by it would be nice.

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Or just make them all dye-able.

I dont know how, if the system is in place, it cant be applied to all armor sets.

Seems deliberately predatory, honestly.


I see this as fairly reasonable. As this is a fairly recent addition to the game, I see no reason why they cannot implement this new update for older skins in the near future. Is there anyway to offer these suggestions up to those executives making these decisions?

It would be nice if you could put the founders skins, and the other skins that are available in other places in the shop too, so we could see them on our characters in game.

Would also be nice if we could dye the same avatars as you can on RU/KR. I bought the Striker black cash shop outfit since I prefer it to the platinum founder pack one. I dyed this on RU in a way I really liked so was looking forward to it, bought dyes and everything. But nah, we can’t dye that armor for some reason.

Thank you.

Yeah, there was certainly some weirdness that happened with the bonus skins, and we’ve raised an investigation to determine (1) how that happened, and (2) any possible next steps. Appreciated!


This would really be appreciated because not only did I spend $30 on a skin which I did not know could not be dyed but also bought dye items as well because I fully expected to dye it and even rushed to get to Luterra Castle so I could unlock the skin mod NPC.

None of the tags on the skins say that they cannot be dyed and this is a direct violation of both US and EU laws governing the sale of virtual goods which state that the product has to be clearly labeled to avoid predatory and deceptive marketing practices.

Right now most of the items in the store are not in compliance. I suggest you look into this promptly and either resolve these discrepancies or be prepared to issue refunds. There is no reason whatsoever for all of these items to not be fully dyeable and all of these arbitrary restrictions and purposefully misleading practices are highly predatory and cast a very unfortunate light on what is otherwise a good game.

The game is already needlessly complicated in many other respects as it is. Don’t make the shop confusing too because you’re opening yourselves to liability to say nothing of the players you’re alienating with these practices.

P.S. I know all of this because I am a lawyer as well as a gamer.


I’m sadly also one of those who didn’t know about this also until after I’ve bought. It was the creative set skin for the sorceress which was from the auction house. Rlly disappointed and frustrated as well…

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Well I do hope it gets resolved soon as I’d assume most of us purchased the bundle for the mount and the customizable skin.

The main feature of the product not being available leaves a really sour taste especially after the surprise of finding out that the other region is actually located in the most western place imaginable in Europe despite the majority of its playerbase being focused around Central and once again there was no warning whatsoever that the servers will be that far away from EUC.

Its really weird how just simply by changing something into being untradeable it also got updated with “cannot be dyed” for literally no reason and without any warning.

My suggestion would be to get the devs to create a new skin-only package that’s untradeable but has a dyeable feature and if anything I’d encourage you to also send out all three of the color variations since the item is not marketable anyway AND the special effects are unchangeable despite there being official information from the support that ALL parts of the armor and weapon are changeable. I know its a misinformation but a lot of us picked based on the fact that we had the freedom to change everything.

Sending out the additional packs including all three colors shouldn’t be difficult as you already have the list of founders and because they’re untradeable it wouldn’t affect the playerbase in any way.

Appreciate the reply though.


Hello Roxx,

I have the below question.
Could you clarify if the extra founder pack skin Lawmaker will get fixed to be dyeable? since it was in the orginal founders pack.
I am quite bummed about it and posted on the forum altho this seems to connect / overlap with my post from a few days ago and did not get any response.

Thanks in advance

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I brought the Destructive Element Skin Set with crystal (AKA sorceress red dress), can you investigate the bug where we can’t dye it?


I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a bug but intentional. While there has been radio silence on this it’s painfully obvious that the skins available for direct purchase from the store are recolors of the skins that came with the founder packs. If they allow for them to be dyed players who did not shell out $100 for those packs will be able to get the same look for much less. While I don’t agree with that artificial restriction I can at least understand it. What I don’t understand is (1) why these deliberately poorly recolored skins were released at all and (2) why they weren’t clearly labeled as undyeable. My best guess is that the former is a plain and simple cash grab while the latter a careless omission.

Could we at least get a list of skins and whether they are currently dyeable until it is fixed in the store? This would be very helpful.

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