Cashshop Powerpasses

The game needs Powerpasses that you can buy with real money, there is absolutely no reason not to have them, nobody wants to spend 10-15 hours leveling another character because is just a plain waste of time and sanity doing the same exact thing for no reason.

Introduce powerpasses in cash shop but make them limited .
ex; You can buy a powerpass for punika for each character you cleared punika with.
This will enable a good synergy with the Knowledge transfer because of the extra slot a powerpass gives.

Outcome : Clear everything on main, use Knowledge transfer for alt, use cash shop powerpass for the third alt, use KT for 4th alt, powerpass for 5th…

I shouldn’t have to buy a power pass for new classes when every other region gets them for free on new class release.

I agree with that, new classes should come with a powerpass but my feedback is generally outside of class releases. If you want to make a new character for example you should not be forced to wait 1-2 months for the free one