Casting Reflux Sorc + Nightmare Set | which phase

Hi there, fellow Sorcs.

I play Casting Reflux with full Nightmare Flower set.

I thought the way to go with the set is to stay in the CD reduction phase as long as possible. That’s kinda recommend in most guides, too.

That’s why you don’t use any MP reduction tripods (especially Lightning Strike, Doomsday and Explosion) and even use the Frost Call tripod with MP consumption per sec.

With the new Trixion I wanted to test the opposite and I was very surprised that with the MP reduction tripods I did like 300-400k DPS more in like all my tests.

I did 3 tests each with a timer of 2 min. .

So now I’m confused…could it be better to stay in the dmg phase?

What are you playing/experiencing?

I also play cast reflux and I would say its better stay in dmg increase state, which I always try to do. I thought cdr state was for insta-cast reflux and piano reflux only. The only mp reductions I use are on Punishing Strike and Frost Call. I also use Conviction/Judgement to make sure not to go into cdr state

If you go loawa and check sorc ranks…ive done that for hours and see lots of casting reflux that either go with full reduce mana tripods or not at all or just some - didnt do any %% wise checks but after testing it myself on skills like doomsday/explosion/punishing strike i went with mana reduce and it was great - some even invest as high as level 5 tripods into these which I also plan to do myself.
I dont know where did you find the guides that state that you should stay in reduction phase, whole point of casting is that you go crit and u do “big” hits without being so much punished for them as if u were igniter and missing ur “gold moments” and to do those hits u need to be in full mana phase (whatever its called tbf that extra dmg).
Also being able to use Conviction/Judgement as part of rotation helps to boost your mana and if you do a legion raid fact that you have to move around to avoid attacks makes you almost constantly to be able to stay in additional dmg mode.
Fun fact- I have even found a casting build that utilizes elegians touch on casting reflux (i think it was like only 1 build per first 50-100 in ranks) - its fun build to play and I gladly enjoy that on 1460 guardian as then i almost take no lose in hp and with my current set up i am quite surprise to get mvp due to high dmg input more often than not against higher ilvl players - once again this could be that they either dont try or cant play their class but its still nice to see on the scoreboard :smiley:

There is even a yt video that compares casting reflux when guy aims to stay in dmg mode only vs dropping to reduced cd and there isnt that much significant difference so unless you deliberately stay in lower cd reduction then it may take tool, but aim to be in dmg phase and it will be better long term run :slight_smile: