Casual vs Elitist

There are constant arguments between casuals and Elitists. In my humble opinion, they both need each other.

Casuals need elitists to carry them through content which would otherwise be extremely difficult for them and Elitists need casuals to make them feel good about the time spent on min-maxing their character.

Without one the other would be simply normal and both would suffer. So let’s stop the fighting and be nicer to each other. Remember that there is someone always more elite than you and more casual than you.

Imagine segregating the two groups eventually the extreme elitist would start calling their own people casuals and then they would be relegated to casuals or have to form their own group called wannabe elitists. Nobody wants this.


No need for any of it.

Just play the game, the way you want. No one needs to announce how they do that.

Pretty sure majority of people don’t really care how long anyone plays for.


No this needed to be said.

Toxicness usually leans toward the side of the elitists, and toxicness is never allowed. So therefore, it’s better to surround yourself with casuals. you don’t need to play with elitists to enjoy the game.

But this is the type of post I’m advocating against. You can’t say toxicity comes from one side because that simply not true.

can i be an elite floor pov

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Nobody will judge you here

Actually nobody needs elitists non elitists will play how ever they want regardless so the only point to elitists is to annoy people

Casuals will finish content at their own pace. They for sure do not need elitists lol.

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Toxic elitism destroyed my guild and raid static.

What exactly was that post for ?

You wont change anything , soo for what you even opened this ?

Your opinions you call facts are in some way half true… but … who cares in the first place and second, you wont change the character of people, they act because mostly its their nature. thats called human interaction and reaction

nope no need for each other everyone progress on his own speed . no one want elitists in their groups even elitists themselves so many of them is very toxic that i rather do vykas hardmode with 1st timers than having one elitists in the group .

I’m a complete causal tho 6 characters in T3…if someone comments in an mmo I just say ‘you don’t pay my sub’. Though in lost ark it’s ‘you don’t buy my pheons, to gear this alt’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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An elitist wouldn’t have made a post like this so we know which side your on

Elitist and toxicity are two different things so just you know. I knew many ppls including mahself is considered elitist. Toxic? Nay.

Elitist is becos I simply want to play with mah own group, but we never toxic against other ppls.

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Casuals are important, they buy my valtan, argos and oreha runs.

Without them, there wouldnt be as much gold

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If elitists need casuals to feel better about their progress then I think the person behind that needs to take a step back and reevaluate why they’re basing their sense of worth, value, and identity on a video game of all things like its an actual accomplishment. Lmao as if.

Just a quick reminder, casuals doesn’t necessary mean being bad at the game, nor elitism necessary mean being good.

For some people elitist are spending a lot of time ingame, min max, and playing good.
And casuals are those who barely play and have shit stuff and engravings, and they are bad.
I think it’s more complex than that, no ?

Some casuals will arrive later on content, like vykas hard, but in the end they will arrive to it. And that dosen’t mean they are bad.
And on the other side how many high levels died on Valtan when he’s came out ? And high ilvl doesn’t mean they are good.

You never know before you saw the guy playing.

And anyway at some point it will become impossible to be carried, as many mechanics require the full party.

And for those who buy runs, they should really think about their future in the game, cause at some point it’s eitheir learn and be better, or just accept to be block on content.

The biggest problem recently is this powerpass and express. Many people are throw at 1370 but have no experience at the game.


Elitist don’t need casuals ?