Casual's/Alts and Raids brick wall

First, Amazing game!

Second, for casual player’s who really enjoy this game you hit a really hard wall pugging raids after gate 1 normal Argos with content requiring coordination that is a bit difficult with out voice communications.

Since you offer so many various levels of difficulty (normal, hard, inferno, etc.) would it be possible to remove some of the mechanics (which require voice coms) in “normal” only mode? The material rewards are so much lower in normal compared to more difficult modes anyways, it would allow some of us casuals to enjoy the journey and keep playing. I don’t think we are as anxious as others to gear up quickly but want to slowly progress and keep playing the game.

Hardcore players and people who “pay” to win will always have the amazingly more difficult content modes with much better rewards and much faster character development.

This is normal only modes for casuals and maybe alts - to make pugging raids more enjoyable.

This request isn’t meant to level casuals vs hardcore/pay to win players but rather give casuals/alts more enjoyable content and play the game longer.

Finally, I have no desire to compete (gear race) with try-hards or pay-to-win players just want to enjoy some new content.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Hard no.

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i guess they could add an easy mode where mechs dont wipe you but you get very little rewards

nothing so far requires voice coms :joy:


Nothing needs Voice or Discord Talks. Only in Clown G2 in the Card maze it makes it way easier but is also not necessary.

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If you’re new, there are standardized ways to do or communicate certain things in lost ark that players do to avoid the need for voice coms such as deciding in positioning prior by standing in the prep circle where your position is or by using things like 3x (meaning your number in party x 3) position on a clock. If you look at guides for raids generally there are a few different ways to do certain mechs but because most of the guides will do them the same way and usually in a way that avoids confusion, there isnt really a need for coms while following these guides

I am referring to mechanics that require party one to communicate to party two by typing in chat (I believe Argos and Vykas both have these types of mechanics), increase damage taken and boss health to compensate? Maybe easy mode with less rewards than normal is the answer.

Oh. Only argos has that in p2 and thats solved by typing one word. That isnt really a need for full on voice coms and mass communication.

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I think what I am trying to say is group finder (premade groups) with a bunch of people yelling and calling out people isn’t actually fun for some if you even get invited.

I am referring to make the one-click group finder were people can join quickly and knock out the content without a toxic environment.

“Easy or practice” mode, with no wipe mechanics and reduced loot would work but still a challenge for people at that skill level and time commitment.

Try-hards and pay to win players would never play this mode (which would remove the toxicity) it would just be us noobs living a life outside of the game but still enjoying it.

Ah i see. Thats not a communication issue tho. Thats going to happen regardless of the difficulty because there will always be someone that doesnt skill up to where the average is. As long as there are mechs there are things to fck up and things to flame for. The only solution really is to take out all mechs or have them without punishment but at that point why play a combat mech oriented game

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I think a dps check and stand out of “fire” mode would be nice. The boss fights have some amazing mechanics I have done up to Vykas…but as a casual the learning curve for casuals hurts hard. Again, this mode wouldn’t be for advanced players just people who play a few hours a week not 8 hours a day.

There are normal modes for all the legion raids tho and rehearsal for clown which doesnt have a harder version. They each have an easier version already

In some of the normal raid modes there is 1 mechanic that just “wrecks” pugs…what I am trying to solve.

I get the “get-good” mentality but that should be hard and inferno and even further modes.

This is an amazing game (graphics, game play, etc.) just don’t want a reason to stop playing because I have a life outside of the game and I can’t spend hours reading guides, etc.

Could i ask you what specifically you like about the game currently. Im a bit lost because in terms if end game, legion raids are the game. Mechs are the core of what makes legion raids, legion raids. So if that is taken out i guess what im asking is whats left or what aspect are you looking to enjoy

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This is the Biggest Problem of this game what we have the annoying Issue that I dont see better way in the Future in LA they still stay same Legion Raids Simulator for ever, that Problem is we dont have any other Content only Legion Raids - this simple solve for this Problem are add more Abground Dungeons that can be done for Casual were we can gain some mats for new gear just no so many Like in Raids but we can build this on long way till next patch come out but there is nothing i this game like this if you dont make Legion Raids there is nothing else only Chaos Dungeons and Guardians. I still dont understand why Game Creators can done this till 1370 where we have Argos Gear and Orhea Gear at the same lvl but after 1415 is over if you dont go kill Valtan if you dont want to lear this Raid you Quit game or buy Bus, Vatlan Bus is still not that bad but after Viskas its over the Bus are not Worth and coast too much money. I dont have good Information too you. But If you dont enjoys Legion Raids and the most hard content then is here your way over.

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Not asking to take anything out of the game keep hard/inferno modes even make another one more difficult so those who have the time and money to keep challenging themselves…just asking to add a mode for people who can’t dedicate their life/money to the game, like an easy mode.

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Normal mode is easy mode. Take your time and learn the mechanics and if you can’t clear them during said week, come back next day/week whatever and try again.

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Normal mode is not easy mode. Any raid where one player can wipe the whole raid is not casual friendly. LA is not for casuals atm and the player base left doesn’t mind, since they like the raids and their difficulties. But it does leave them with a smaller player base than they could have, which can be danger for an MMO (when it starts to cost more for AGS to maintain the game than they are making). Rehearsal modes don’t drop the exact same mats as normal/hard, so they are not a solution since you can’t progress as intended.


Normal mode is 100% easy mode. Do Vykas normal and then do Vykas hard. It’s a night and day difference. Voice comms aren’t required, pugs have been typing positions and communicating using chat and pings since release. Someone who is “hardcore” and someone who plays a few hours a day can type and ping just the same.


Is normal Kakul Easy?, Its even Harder then Vyskas Hard.