Catch up system? - Argos update

Hello, I was wondering if there will be the same catch up system as it used to be in other regions with Argos patch. To be honest i hope that there will not be honing boost at least for T2/T3 - reason why there shouldn’t in my opinion is simple: We’ve played the game for month not a year or so
everyone is progressing the game at their own speed and it wouldn’t be fair for those who’ve rushed their gear - wasted alot of mats to be now catched up right from the start.
So id like to repeat- will there be honing boost or not?
Sorry if that question was previously asked tbh i haven’t found that on forum.

There will be a catch up system but to a much later point. So yes it will come but way in the future like its in KR.

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I don’t think that will come with argos, my bet is that the catchup mechs will come with valtan release.

Okay thats awesome thanks for responding :slight_smile:

No Problem Have fun in LA!

Were going to be getting content at an accelerated pace to catch up to KR/RU. This whole argument that the game has been out for a year or two is irrelevant. For a long period of the time the game was dead before T3 rolled around.

The game literally doesnt start until T3 content. Every KR player will tell you that.

Stop worrying about other people getting to T3

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I think it will come with Argos since almost nobody is ready for it on release. I heard in KR when new raid comes out a lot of players are already geared for it

Will there be any easy/solo content in that “Argo patch” for us solo players who dont play endgame Abyss dungeons?
Something like solo Chaos, solo Guardian or something similar to make more gold?

I’m actually pretty sure honing buffs will be introduced ALONG the Argos release. Thats the only way the Argos release in march does make any sense, with only 1% of the playerbase beeing able to even access the raid. The Creator already stated that he wants everyone in T3 and in this raid… That + new classes beeing released in the near future only leads me to that conclusion. (So everyone can experience Argos and you can still switch your main to one of the new classes)

We simply don’t know at this point.

I would say it’s likely, because it would be a very bad move for player count and retention if you release the first raid which is supposed to be the first real endgame content, and 99% of players are still tens to hundreds of hours away from being able to access it. Not to mention how fucked any new players interested in the game due to hearing about/seeing the raid would be.

But it could be that they just don’t add any catchup, we won’t know until they announce something.

Yeah i got your point, thing is im one of players that are above 1355 right now and all i was doing is playing the game(got premium since i bought silver founder’s pack) and im new player - what i was doing is a bit no life gaming + watching some guides, trying to figure out what should i do to be a bit ahead :smiley: so feels kind of bad for me if ppl who have like 150h on steam can catch up to me in 2-3 days. But we shall see, since i havent seen clear information i guess we’ll just have to wait ^^


I know what you mean, I am 1342 myself ^^ Stopped upgrading there and am focusing mainly on gold generation and alts for now. So in the end more players reaching t3 either way is better for me, cause that will mean the t3 mats drop even more in prizes. :slight_smile:

I mean, I’m a bit worried about this even if it seems it should be only 1 logical answer : Of course they will introduce catch up mechanics.
If they don’t they are literally sending the message : "Use gold sellers and you can play the HL content and destroy the economy.

Also I don’t understand why they are releasing the 1st raid that fast… The goal was to wait that a decent chunk of players could get the required ilvl to begin the HL raid content all together and they are just not waiting at all in the end ^^ They could’ve already release Argos it would’ve changed nothing…

Cmon dont be like that u can earn some money easily ^^ and use it for gear honing

As u can see i gained some cash without makeing any kind of illegal donations :slight_smile:

im at t3 and i dont care about the catchup mechanic being implemented. Game health is more important than the 1% of players that rushed to t3 and beyond 1370.

I don’t mind other people hitting T3. Ideally I get a little bit of compensation for grinding early like a T3 powerpass for hitting main to T3 before catchup but at least I want to know when and what the catchup will be since I could hoard mats in T3 and hit 1370 when catchup is out instead of trying to push atm.