Catching up to Korea

With Amazon slowing our content release to a snail pace, how exactly are we expecting to catch up to Korea?

It’s been made clear that the casual western playerbase are struggling to do basic chores that the Koreans can. However, when will Amazon give the dedicated playerbase that actually plays the game content at a proper pace?

All of my friends, even those who plays 2hrs a day max, are approaching 1415 at this point.
Yet we’re sitting here waiting for all the casuals whos busy trolling in the forums to catch up.

At current pace, personally I would probably end up hitting 1460+ with this snail pace release schedule. Do what you said Amazon, let us catch up to Korea, the casual weekend-enjoyers are going to log to enjoy the flowers and do jack-all anyways.


Maybe people don’t only play the game for item level? It’s hard to believe that your friends are playing 2 hours a day and reaching 1415 btw. Seems like more of an exaggeration. Even if thats the case, they must not be doing any of the horizontal content at all.

Regardless, I don’t expect our game to be caught up to KR since then people would get overwhelmed or frustrated that they can’t get there. Just look at the backlash for Argos.

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could be possible if they have nothing else to do so logging in for 2 hours should be enough time to do dailies on 6 characters and then log off, this is what i have been doing lately since i reach 1410. no rush to 1415 since its not even confirm 100% for may yet, at this pace i might evne reach 1445 by release lol.

You’re not going to have 6 characters by playing 2 hours a day lol. That was sort of my point.

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chaos 2x + yoho 2x is like 25mins max. daily lopang x3 takes 2 minutes. with 12 chars if you only play rested chars that’s 4 chars/day and then you can just do some card runs or run some argos for fun

So they’ve played a total of 120 hours and are 1415?

Or is another one of those, “2hrs a day max*” situations where the asterisk is that they wildly degenned the game for 4-6 weeks and have only recently started playing less?


ok, yeah no.

I mean I am a casual with tons of alts and maybe I don’t play super effectively but I just reached 1340 on my second alt and even if I have focused on my main exclusively, I doubt I would have even reached 1370.
Yes I do all my chaos and guardians every day and also did my abyssals. Also bought all event mats etc. but it doesn’t look even close that I can reach anywhere that high in less than the next 2 month :smiley:


only took me 1h a day and im approaching 1455 with no alts

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If you only played 30 minutes each day you’d probably be 1500 at this point tbh.


For someone who doesn’t play for ilvl releasing content faster is not a downside in any way. Someone who complains about faster release cares about ilvl cuz he wants to play content on release.

Hence you can;t advocate for slower release while claiming ilvl isn’t important. Simple truth. If you didn’t cared about ilvl you wouldn’t care how fats content is released.

Raising the ilvl more quickly further stratifies the playerbase and creates a feeling of being behind for people who don’t degen the game. They’ll literally never pump out content quickly enough to satisfy the crowd that is already 1415, so what’s the point in catering to them now? Even the attempt to satisfy them with the one-time backlog of content that is enough to keep them busy for a few patch cycles straight will drive away a bunch of the less degenerate, long-term crowd, and then they too will quit anyhow once the content dries up.

Makes far more sense to release the content at a pace that is reasonable for the upper 51st to ~95th percentile and let the nolifers sort themselves out.

2 hours a day max and approaching 1415 means they played more than by a large margin at some point to be set up for that push, or they swiped.

As soon as you’re caught up to Korea you won’t see content for bigger durations so you might as well get use to it now. You don’t have to wait that long.

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Korea took 2 years to get to where we are. It took us 1.5 month. Where did you get the idea we will never catch up. At this point we are 20x the speed of KR’s release.

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Were getting content faster than KR already, not sure what youre referring to as a snails pace. The cadence of content were getting at is pretty fine.

This is a pretty entitled statement. Like congratulations, you did your chores more often. We get it, youre more efficient and knew what to do from the get go. But not everyone did their due diligence, or they sat and sold materials to gain gold income. Whatever it may be, youre not entitled tonsome extra cookie for being a dedicated player. Youre already at content ceiling. Nothing is stopping you from progressing to 1445. And I sincerely wish you luck thinking youll get to 1460 when Valtan hits. This is coming from someone who is 1420 already.

Stop being a brat.

I don’t think we will, but if we got honing changes early we would be able to be already doing Valtan and even with Valtan release we aren’t getting any honing changes I don’t know why we are copying everying Korea does when we are very far behind, just because Korea got honing changes after Valtan doesn’t mean we have to also get it after Valtan if we are trying to catch up.

Like… Even our slow class release doesn’t make sense when we already know what classes Korea has, also Artist would be good addition to the game cause we need way more supports in the game.

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no way lol. Not without RMT/whaling, did you only play 1h a day lol. Maybe recently, but even then i doubt it with no alts

Pretty sure this is a bait post lol

Lets tank the casual cry babies that made 1000Threads about “argos was 2 soon and valtan too” for this

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Im baited

Thats doable i only play 10 secs per week and im already at 1569 f2p

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