CBT Feedback / MMORPG lover

Age/gender: mid-30s male
Server: East NA/Kadan
MMORPG exp: since 1998
Lost Ark experience before: only watched twitch/youtube streamings
CBT achievement: Lv50.50 Scrapper (iLv 650+) / Lv 50.20 Bard (iLv 450+)

Graphic - Overall good

I played CBT at the highest graphic settings with i7-11700K / RTX3080 which were pretty much enough PC spec for the highest graphic settings. The overall graphic is OK and well-optimized for the performance.
Some cinematic cutscenes were very impressive, and I like the way some cutscenes begin from in-game play instead of loading a video cutscene everytime.

Quest UI - Overall poor

The route was fine. I did not have to travel around to find the next quest. The questline was very straightforward and easy to track to understand its story.
But there are two things need to be considered to add

  1. Quest Navigation
    My basic sequence for completing a quest is like;
    Talk to an NPC > Accept quest > Ping the destination > watch minimap or map (tap key) and move > perform objectives > complete the quest
    Well, most of the time, I had to keep my eyes on miminap instead of the center of the screen to move my character. If there is a navigation/guide line from my location to destination, it will help to focus on gameplay itself. I want to look at my character and its around instead of minimaps all the time.

  2. Map
    When I ping the destination for a quest, sometimes it shows the location on different region/area. However, since the map does not tell what area/town/region it is, I had to spend time to figure out where the destination is, and how to get there. If the map simply shows the area/town/region’s name, it will help to figure out how to get there for players. (Or please add navigation)

I definitely know that the major content of this game is end-game party raids. However, Its storyline and level progression are what new players first experience, and personally, I guess its story is very impressive while lots of people just spam G to level up fast. So it would be nice to make some UIs more friendly since there are many UIs that could be improved to make new player’s first experience smooth. I know that Lost Ark is several years-old game (in South Korea), and it might be too late to renew the first part of the game. I just wish this game would be more user-friendly by improving its UIs for new players.


no exp

Chaos dungeon - fun and well-designed

Lost Ark is hack-and-slash based MMO, and Chaos dungeon was pretty good experience to feel it. Nothing hard and it is a good daily assignment to get resources. Also, Rest system helps players with less playtime.

Guardian Raid - fun and well-designed

Guardian raid is the first major-party content that players meet. Well, you can do Chaos dungeon as a party, but I think it is still mainly solo content. The overall difficulty is pretty well-designed. If everyone knows how to fight, the raid becomes very smooth and enjoyable. But if more than half of the members do not know the fight, do no damage, and waste respawn counts, then the party will fail the raid. There was nothing seriously hard, but if you ignore the boss mechanic(unless you are gear-carried), you will be suffered too much.

Abyssal dungeon - overall OK

Abyssal dungeon is harder than Guardian raid since, mostly, it has more boss mechanics that a party has to encounter. I have been doing first and second abbysals with matched members and failed so many times because most members did not know how to react with special mechanics like cleansing stacks, or staggering boss. It was a lot harder than Guardian raids, but it was very fun even though my party got wiped so many times. Remember that this was CBT and I did not expect most people already knew about the boss mechanics. The mechanism was not that hard and once everyone understood how to react, it became very smooth and easy. I guess it is also a well-designed difficulty.


Only did twice and do not have much to say

Sailing - overall poor

Although I did not expect very high-quality graphics and content, tbh, sailing was like WTF. The graphic was like the early 2000s one compared to in-land ones.

Tower - overall OK

It seems like the tower is another assignment to get some resources. It is also something like Chaos dungeon. The difficulty is ok, hack-and-slash is also ok, but I feel like there are too many things to do brainlessly just to get resources. It might be better to minimize the number of simple assignment dungeons with more rewards instead of making more and more to do.

Currencies - Too complicated

Lost Ark has way too many in-game currencies. Some are related to cash, some are not. 1 week of test was not enough to figure out what those are. I personally do not think Lost Ark is p2w game since everything could be obtained by in-game play in a realistic way. Simply it is money vs realistic time which I do not mind. At least Lost Ark does not have a special gear obtainable only by a cash RNG box like some other real p2w games.
For in-game currencies, I guess it will make more confusion or make players spend their time for different currencies unnecessarily. If you play the game for years, you will probably get familiar with its system spontaneously, but as a new player, it just makes me confused and give me more unnecessary assignments to do.

CBT - give players some free progress

I know CBT has its own objectives, but I guess it is also a good chance for new players to experience Lost Ark. However, it was too hard to make good progress during 1 week of test period. Players have to spend a lot of time making a progress instead of testing and enjoying the game. If there will be another CBT or OBT later, I hope the game will give some gears or resources so that players will not spend too much time on the simple progression.

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