CC in this game is horrible

The CC in this game is absolutely ridiculous. I’ll pass.


Certain classes are better at it than others but I honestly think it’s fine for what the game is trying to do.

What exactly do you mean because you haven’t given any information other than “absolutely ridiculous”? Could you elaborate on what your experience is other than “it sucks”?


Well the pvp in this game is very cc heavy. It’s a core of it and I’d say you need to adapt if you want to play it. Assuming you’re talking about pvp.

If you’re talking about pve then all I can say is just dodge and wait for an opening before attacking.


I understand the learning curve is steep in PvP. The difference between stagger, knockup/down, paralyze (hard CC and learn that once hard CCed you can not hard CC again) is something that you learn over time.

Once you learn it you will love it, but the beginning is not easy, hence why they have 20 levels you need to go through (G20 to G0) until you actually get a notion of the real PvP. Right now you are lumped in with people that played in other regions easily over 600+ h and of course they are ahead until you understand the basics.

As it is all skill based and matchup related you get there quickly and in 3v3 (which is what Smilegate balance against) you learn how to team play, position and peel.

It takes a minute to get used to, but do not lose patience (or even hope :wink: ) - it is worth it.


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The PvP in this game is based on learning matchups, knowing when to go in and in terms of your complaint, knowing which attacks you have give certain levels of super armour to be immune too CC

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