Celebration gift disapeared from product inventory

Apparently i messed up? I’m just going to explain in steps how this happend

Step 1. I see that there is an item in my product inventory, which can only be the celebration box, but i can’t actually see the box in the product inventory. So i figured i would have to relog to see it.

Step 2. Before logging out, i change servers to make a character on the new EUW server, to claim the new login bonuses there.

Step 3. after logging in to the new EUW server, i make a character, claim the login rewards, and before logging out i click on the product inventory box, to see if the relog made the celebration box apear. It did work, but i did not claim the box because i obviously want the box on my main character on my main server which is EU central.

Step 4. I log out, change the server back from the new EUW server, to my main EU central server. I now see no icon to indicate that there is an item in my product inventory, and i don’t see a box.

Step 5. I do a double check, where i go back to the EUW server to confirm that the celebration gift is in the product inventory there, which it is. I then log back to the EU central server, and the box is still not there. So this confirms that i somehow locked the celebration box to the EUW server, which i don’t plan to play on at all considering i’ve put over 100+ on my main character on the EU central server.

I can now see the celebration box in the product inventory on my main character. I am however unable to claim it, and i assume that has something to do with the fact that the store is down for maintenance. I’m leaving this post here as a troubleshooting feedback