Celebration Gift Disappeared


Hope your week has been going good! I tried to claim both my celebration and founder’s pack today from the product inventory. I received the founder’s pack but the celebration gift never made it into my inventory. I did check all of my alts and verified that none of the items associated with it are in my possession. The issue may be tied to claiming multiple items from the product inventory at the same time.

Hello @Romza

Really apologize for this inconvenience it was not intended that you lose one of the rewards when you claim them.
I would suggest to contact us by the live channels to address your issue properly and take the necessary actions.

Hope this gets solved
Keep gaming hero!

My product inventory had 1 item last night but it didnt show what it is, ı didnt want to relogin cuz of que issues, this morning it disappeared, i believe it was celebration gift.


The issue appears to have resolved itself. This morning upon login I had the celebration gift back in my product inventory. Thanks for the reply!